When I was a kid, my soup was just right,
Yummy and tasty, a veritable delight.

Two cups of dreams and a full pint of play,
A pinch of curiosity for the perfect bouquet.

Passion and wonder and faith it had, too
I’d dare you to taste a happier stew!

But when I got older, my soup it did turn,
Enough to warrant a cause for concern.

It’s gunky and goopy and lacking in fun,
It’s not nearly as tasty as when I’d begun.

It’s bland and it’s bitter and tastes just like poop,
The problem is clearly the adult in my soup!

There's An Adult In My Soup
by Kim and Jason Kotecki

This witty, light-hearted, and inspiring book contains recipes for cooking up the life of your dreams and tips for keeping the adult out of your soup. The ingredients aren’t included, but don’t

worry—you already have everything you need.

The essays within are short and easily digestible but contain witty and wise advice from two thought leaders in the area of life balance and stress management. This enjoyable read is packed with over 50 illustrations, making it a perfect gift for people looking for short bursts of inspiration or who are not normally "book people." Order your copy today!

Rediscover the child inside at KimandJason.com

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What are people saying? Some reviews...

"It's what to read if your feeling old." --Tim Piotrowski

"The book for people who need less Adultitis in thier lives." --Lisa Braithwaite

"Perfect as a quick mind snack." --Curt Rosengren

"A simple yet amazing book." --Tanmay Vora

"A series of pep talks from that unquenchable friend." --Jen Robinson

"A way to avoid the dreaded title of Bridezilla." --Becky Speer

"Funny, touching, and freeing." --Bernie DeKoven

"Soup that’s dessert for your soul" --Lisa Warsinske