About The Sherpas

kj_slinky.jpg“Kim is my wife. My biggest supporter. My best friend. And a noodleaholic. Her infectious childlike spirit was the first thing that attracted me to her. I call her a ‘retired’ kindergarten teacher, which sounds funny to me (and probably no one else) because she’s only in her 20s. She retired from teaching in order to help out with our company, a.k.a. our dream. Kim has always been as close to Adultitis-free as anyone I know, but I sense that the pressures that have come with running a business without much of a safety net is responsible for opening the door to Adultitis. I’m looking forward to seeing how she tackles each challenge, and expecting to learn a lot from her through this process.”

–Jason on Kim (Read Kim’s official bio.)


“Jason is a five-year-old trapped in an adult’s life. As a dreamer and a man of incredible faith, these two qualities have given Jason what’s he’s needed to start and persevere in our business. Jason inspires me to be a better me. His passion and creativity are mind-boggling, between his art, design, writing, and speaking talents. He loves to read, loves his Macs, and proudly wears his many superhero shirts. His childhood dream of being a super hero has become real in his incredible drive to save adults from Adultitis and in protecting the childhood of little ones who are at risk of growing up too fast. Every superhero has their own version of ‘kryptonite.’ Jason’s often involves the worries and stress related to taking the necessary risks involved in running a business. I think these next 40 days will help him defeat the threats that every superhero faces.”

–Kim on Jason (Read Jason’s official bio.)