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–PRWeb Press Release: A New Year’s Resolution Like No Other

–Ottawa Times: A challenge a day

–Average Jane: Weekly Web Finds

–Bernie DeKoven’s FunLog: Funjection – Devices for Cold Calling

–Branding Blog: Blog As A Marketing Tool

–Children’s Ministry Blog: Escape Adulthood

–Hopper Analytical: Escaping Adultitis

–Kevin’s Blog on Learning: Your Escape Plan

–The Occupational Adventure: The Escape Plan

–Phil Gerbyshak: Be A Kid Again!

–Put Me In The Zoo: Goodbye Adultitis

–The Rodeo: The Great Escape

–Spiritgirl: Escape Adultitis

–Toady Joe: Got Adultitis?

–Worthwhile: Overcoming Adultitis

–Robert Wringham: Best Days of your life: Kim and Jason Kotecki

One thought on “The Buzz

  1. I found a book at a second hand store that I think you may find fun to peak at. I’m not sure if you’ll find it at a book store, but you may be able to find it online.
    It’s called Kid’s Shenanigans – Great things to do that mom and dad will just barely approve of
    by the editors of Klutz Press
    it teaches you how to do all the things you wanted to learn (or maybe you did) as a child. How to make a homemade whoopie cushion, how to make the best paper airplanes, how to sneak around, and other stuff.


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