Welcome to the Escape Plan

Welcome to our little experiment. Our goal is to come up with a systematic antidote to Adultitis. It could be the coolest thing since penicillin. Exciting. Engaging. Life changing. Or it could be a complete and total flop.

Pretty much everything you need to know about this plan of ours can be found in the section smartly titled, "About The Plan." Learn more about who we are in the "About The Sherpas" section, and get the scoop on Adultitis in the "About Adultitis" area. Be careful: we’re bordering on rocket science here.
We hope The Escape Plan intrigues you enough to follow along with us and our fellow voyagers. And we’d be overjoyed if you decided to join us.

 — Kim and Jason Kotecki

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Escape Plan

  1. I want to do this with you guys. One thing though. I’m afraid I’ll forget to pay attention to the blog and miss out. Can you guys set this up with FeedBlitz like Jason’s blog is so my trusty email reminds me?

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