#5: Mad Scientist

The Challenge: Become a scientist. Conduct a silly experiment.

kim_bubbles.jpg This challenge gave me permission to try something I’ve been curious about. So many times I am too concerned about looking silly as an adult. Why do I take myself so seriously?

My curiosity led me to ask: Will bubbles freeze mid-air outside if the temperature is below freezing? My childlike logic hypothesized that “Yes, indeed, they would freeze. If rain fell, it would freeze,so why not bubbles?” I was so excited to see frozen bubbles.

Well, I was wrong.  They did not. It was 29 degrees, just below freezing. I am still curious if the outcome would be different on a day where the temperature is 0 or below. I’ll keep you posted, as I can guarantee that we will soon have a day that cold in WI.

 One marble. A glass of water. How long would it take my wife to realize that the marble was in her glass of water?

The experiment began at 1:38 pm Pacific Standard Time and concluded at 2:04 pm. Approximately 26 minutes.

And it was HI-larious. 

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vote.gifSo, who was most creative with today’s challenge? Who went beyond the comfort zone and put the biggest hammer on Adultitis? Who did a better job of capturing the spirit of childhood, Kim or Jason? Cast Your Vote!

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15 thoughts on “#5: Mad Scientist

  1. My experiment today was to see if a marshmallow “peep” would really explode in the microwave. (I never eat them, so I figured this was a good alternative use, all in the name of childlike curiosity.)

    So I placed the pink heart shaped marshmallow on a saucer and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds….it “inflated” to the height of a small volcano, but alas, did not explode. 🙁 When I removed the saucer, the marshmallow had taken up the entire width of the plate….was neat to see the plate covered in gooey pinkish fluff….but I still didn’t eat it!

  2. Today I decided to do an experiment about flipping a coin. I was pretty sure heads would come up more since I like heads better than tails and I also thought that heads was heavier than tails.
    I decided to flip a quarter 100 times on my dining room table. The coin could not fall off the table. That did not count. My wife asked what the heck I was doing and I told her not to bother me, I’m conducting a very important experiment.
    First quarter: heads 10 tails 15
    2nd quarter: heads 28 tails 22 way to go heads! Just like I figured!
    3rd quarter: heads 38 tails 37 still winning heads, you can do it!
    4th quarter: heads tails
    39 39
    40 40
    42 42
    45 45 this is going down to the wire 10 flips left!
    45 49 heads is in serious trouble.
    final: 47 53
    Moral of the experiment. Always pick tails. I don’t think this was a good experiment for me. I got too nervous at the end pulling for heads.

  3. Today we conducted an experiment with the help of Mapquest. We always wondered if the distance and estimated time the Mapquest gives out, would be correct. So tonight we set off to get some good eats from Little Caesars. Before we left, we got the information we needed from the internet and we were off. Mapquest said it would take a total of 8 minutes and 5.43 miles and actually it was a perfect match! We were actually surprised. Now, this little experiment worked for a small distance, but we will see on longer ones another time.

  4. I built a fire tonight and as I was contemplating a dessert of s’mores, I hypothesized my experiment. I would see what effects there would be on selected desserts by toasting them. The desserts I chose were a) half a Twinkie b) an Oreo cookie & c) a Snickers bar (mini size).

    I waited for the fire to be hot coals without any flames. I held each dessert on a toasting fork for 30 seconds and then an additional 30 seconds rotating evenly.

    I found that after the first 30 seconds a) the Twinkie was warm b) the Oreo was warm and c) the outside of the Snickers was soft and I was able to leave a fingerprint. After the additional 30 seconds the Twinkie was more crispy like toast, but still soft on the inside, b) the Oreo was warm and the center softened and c) the Snickers slid off the fork into the coals 🙂

    I found that they tasted basically the same after “toasting” them (assuming the Snickers wouldn’t have tasted differently). I also found that it was very fun to “experiment” with fire and food!

  5. I missed this one on Sunday, so I decided to do it today at work. I work in a cafe, and my shift starts very early in the morning when hardly anyone is around. I took advantage of this and made a sandwich with cheese, tomato and… strawberry jam filling. As weird fillings go, it wasn’t entirely horrible, but I think I’ll leave out the jam next time. 🙂

  6. This one just came to me when I walked in the door after being gone for four days. On the counter next to the sink was a bowl with 5 Cheerios and a small graham cracker crumb. The Cheerios are dry, mind you. The experiment – see how long the bowl will sit on the counter if I don’t do anything to it. Not sure when it got there, but I’ll start the timer from 11:30 this afternoon.

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  8. My experiment was to see if boxer briefs really are more comfortable than boxers. Having never worn either with jeans, I thought I’d try.

    My verdict: boxer briefs.

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  10. I’m sitting here with my Eskimo YoYo’s which I really enjoyed off an on all day yesterday. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I have a friend who is really into telephathy. He thinks our thoughts can influence each other. So today, I’m going to think, over and over again, “Call me, Randy, call me.” If he calls I’ll ask him why. I haven’t heard from him for six weeks and have gone six months without hearing from him. If he calls today I’ll be amazed. Let you know tomorrow.

  11. Today I tackled a trick I learned in elementary school, only with a twist. I put baking soda at the bottom of a soda bottle, and I added food coloring. I wanted to see if the foam that rose after I added white vinegar would be purple. I added the vinegar, and white foam spewed out the top of the bottle. Then my boyfriend had this idea of putting the cap on the soda bottle and shaking it up, because nothing is truly fun until there is a chance that someone will lose an eye. Well, I put a little white vinegar in the bottle, put the cap on, and shook. No one lost an eye. In fact, not much happened. But when I took the cap off and added more white vinegar, purple foam spewed out of the top of the bottle. Neat!

  12. The experiment: Could I successfully trim my West Highland terrier’s shaggy face and ears. The result: Not to worry, it will grow back.

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