#18: Prison Break

The Challenge: Get out of your element. Go somewhere you’ve never been before.

lost.jpgJason and I were pretty adventurous (and poor) when we moved to Madison almost 6 years ago now, so going for rides was a pretty cheap and fun thing to do. We soon got to know where we were going and since gas prices have spiked, our rides have been less frequent. So, my goal today was to go for a drive and to get lost. Really lost. It took me a handful of random turns to actually accomplish this, but eventually I wasn’t sure where I was. It was pretty fun! I drove around for about 15 minutes looking closely at the unchartered territory, noticing the different stores, neighborhoods, scenery. It was pretty neat. I felt like Lewis and Clark, except I was in my Grand Am with my favorite cd playing…but it was pretty close to the same feeling, I’m sure.
I suppose the best way to prove to yourself that you’re somewhere you’ve never been before is by getting yourself lost. That’s what happened to me today. We live near the University of Wisconsin campus and I decided that I wanted to check out the Geology Museum. The big draw: dinosaurs. I remember being giddy with excitement when I was in third grade and we went to the Field Museum in Chicago. The big draw then: dinosaurs. I guess not much has changed.

dinos.jpgAfter consulting a map, I thought I had a pretty good idea of where the place was. It took me forever to find a parking spot. I didn’t have a lot of time, which pretty much assured that I’d get lost. I did. It was like looking for the invisible man at night.

I was starting to give up hope — and my parking meter was starting to give up minutes — when a nice girl pointed me in the general direction of where she thought it was. I set off in the opposite direction, with one last chance  to find the museum before I had to head back to the car. I found it, and had a grand total of 12 minutes to explore. Luckily it wasn’t that big of a place, and like a sun baked –frostbit, actually — paleontologist, I discovered what I set out to find: huge skeletons of a woolly mammoth and a duck-billed dinosaur. Pretty sweet.

I got back to my car just as the parking nazi was about to notice my meter had finished digesting my change. Double sweet.

Then I was off to write. Considering I normally go to Starbucks, I decided to stick with today’s theme and try a new place — Ancora Coffee — where I am now typing this. And after a cold windy morning of walking, the hot chocolate I ordered was triple sweet.

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vote.gifSo, who was most creative with today’s challenge? Who went beyond the comfort zone and put the biggest hammer on Adultitis? Who did a better job of capturing the spirit of childhood, Kim or Jason? Cast Your Vote!

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10 thoughts on “#18: Prison Break

  1. This afternoon, I ventured to some place I’d never been before… sort of. It was a certain section of Sears. Yes, I’ve been to Sears before, but not too many times. Today, I was in the sporting goods area with the intent to purchase – now there is a place I’ve NEVER been. I learned about total horsepower, belt dimensions, manual incline, and am now the proud owner of a treadmill. Next challenge: actually using it!

  2. Friday Linda and I had the opportunity to attend a buying show for Wausau Supply at our newest local attraction, The Grand Bear Lodge. The distance from our home to the lodge is a whopping 12 miles. The kind folks putting on the show encouraged us to spend the night and we did!
    Last nite we enjoyed a very good meal. The company that we were with was very nice and we had a good time. And it snowed alot and we were glad we didn’t have to head home.
    This morning we had breakfast buffet and we enjoyed watching the kids at the indoor water park. And no I didn’t go swimming–that would have been bad for the kids.
    It was good to have the chance to check this new attraction out. We have driven by it many times as it was getting built and it wasn’t until a month ago when we got the invite that we realized that we’d actually spend the nite there.
    All in all it looks to be a well run operation with friendly employees. And though I don’t think I would go solo to the water park I bet old grandpa with a few grandchildren to accompany him, would go!

  3. Today I went to a restaurant I’d never been to before – a place that sells pies. Not just pies for dessert but pies for the main course too. The menu is full of a wide range of cool choices – quiches for breakfast, pasties (a Cornish version of the pot pie) for lunch, and full entree pies for dinner. Some of the interesting combinations were: Macaroni n Cheese on a parmesan crust, Turkey & Stuffing on a pastry crust, Hot Ham and Scalloped Au Gratin Potatoes, and lots more. They make several different ones each day or you can order your own combination. I chose the Pork N Apple Pie. It was mostly pork with apple flavored type of stuffing. This excursion reminded me of trying new restaurants with my grandma. I would go to stay with her and we would go to all sorts of places around town. We had mixed experiences in food, but we always had a great time together! I think I need to try to keep the tradition alive and seek out new restaurants.

  4. Today Doug and I got to do some REALLY great things!! For our challenge we went to Ella’s Deli. It is a child’s dream! So much to look at, not to mention the six page dessert menu that we ordered off of. It was a great day because we got to spent it with our nieces and Doug’s brother and his wife. We also went sledding to a park that neither of us had been to before.

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  7. I went to a little old church in Albuquerque, NM. This little church was build 1793 – which just amazed me that it was still standing after all this time, 213 years.

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