#25: G’Day Mate

The Challenge: Talk in a phony voice or accent to a complete stranger.

This was by far the hardest challenge for me yet. Why do I care what others think about me? I failed miserably the first time and had to “try again.” My first attempt was at a “Will Call” booth at a concert we went to (Andrew Peterson’s concert, which was awesome, by the way.) I started with my British accent, which quickly turned into my Wisconsin accent (which means my normal voice). It was tough being face to face with this guy, looking right at me. And my British accent really stinks, by the way. Bummer. That one stunk. So, I had to try again. After the concert we went through the drive-in at Wendy’s for some Frostys. This went pretty well. I followed through – from the ordering to visiting both windows. This challenge helped me to see how much I take myself too seriously. These people were complete strangers who I will probably never see again, yet my heart was racing. It was definitely an eye opener.

Today’s challenge scared the snot out of me. Talk about measuring how much you care what other people think of you! Of course, children don’t think twice about how silly they might look to others; this is a “skill” we gradually attain as we grow up.

Kim and I drove down to Rockford, Illinois tonight for a concert. I found my perfect opportunity to take this challenge head-on at the McDonald’s drive-thru. My English accent was FAR from perfect, but I managed to place our order and thank two different window clerks as Kim tried desperately to muffle her boisterous laughter.

Perhaps I shall try to recreate my dialogue in the video today, although I can only promise you’ll not be impressed. The important thing is that I did it, ungraceful as it may have been, and dealt a mighty blow to Adultitis. 

Dark Room Confessionals:
Bonus Video: Kim | Jason


vote.gifSo, who was most creative with today’s challenge? Who went beyond the comfort zone and put the biggest hammer on Adultitis? Who did a better job of capturing the spirit of childhood, Kim or Jason? Cast Your Vote!

Tomorrow’s Challenge: Audio Sneak Peek

9 thoughts on “#25: G’Day Mate

  1. This is the day that I thought I would be stumped. After doing 24 challenges I pretty much decided that after reading #25 last night I would have to throw in the towel. One might think that working at the lumberyard would give me lots of opportunities to talk in a phoney voice or accent to a complete stranger but I just felt I couldn’t do it, not today. I just couldn’t put myself through this.
    This morning when I woke up I still felt the same. But as I drove down our lane and headed for my 5 minute commute to work all of that was about to change.
    I was driving down Main street about 7:40 when I noticed an elderly lady walking on the sidewalk to my left in her PJ’s! Yes PJ’s! I thought this was rather odd being it was about 30 degrees out. As I passed her she was walking very slowly, actually staggering. I then looked in the rear view mirror and saw her take a sharp right and fall to the concrete driveway. I thought this is bad.
    I turned around parked the car and turned on my cell phone and ran to the old gal that was now laying on her side. She had no gloves, no socks, no shoes. I asked her name, where she lived, could she at least point to her house? She had a totally confused look on her face, made a few sounds but no words. I called 911. I told her I would be right back and went to the trunk and got out a blanket and wrapped it around her. I talked to her to keep her conscious and then held her and then held her coldist, blue hand, told her everything was going to be ok and that help was on the way. A young lady stopped and asked if she could help and I told her that help was coming.
    In a wippy jif a policeman was there and I answered his questions. Shortly after the ambulance arrived. I tried to step aside so the emergency folks could do their job and get the poor thing on the cart but I had to help because she wouldn’t let go of my hand. The lady attendant noted that the lady likes you.
    I went to my car and sat there and as they tilted the poor confused at least 80 year old lady in the ambulance I waved to her and I really thought she smiled at me.
    As I drove the rest of the way to work I realized I sort of fulfilled my 25th challange. I did talk to a stranger and maybe SHE thought I talked in a phoney voice or accent and even though she didn’t speak a word I could understand I think we connected for that brief moment as our paths crossed.


  2. Uggg. This just didn’t happen today. When I read it this morning, I thought we might go somewhere and I could try out my best Southern drawl or New York city cabbie. But once at the library, much later in the day, checking out board books, I just plain forgot. I was actually HOPING for a telemarketer to try it out. But, alas, no calls today. This will be done tomorrow!

  3. Well, I DID get to talk in a phoney voice yesterday, with my neices and nephew, but I guess that doesn’t fulfull the “stranger” part of this challenge, huh? But I did realize something….isn’t it amazing how when you are around children (and babies) you can instantly talk silly, don’t mind barking like a dog, or making up funny voices? Well, my nieces and nephew certainly got me to say silly things yesterday – and I didn’t mind at all what I looked like! Too bad we do it in front of seven year olds, but can’t imagine be silly around a 57 year old!

  4. I asked a lady in the Museum of Science & Industry in a made-up deep voice w/ pursed lips where the whispering room was. I had a hard time not laughing at the same time.

  5. I approached the lady at an information desk and in a British accent (very popular today) asked, “Excuse me luv, do you have a pen or pencil you could give us?” After she found a pencil for me I said, “Thanks duck!” I was chuckling as I turned away!

  6. Katie and I had a hard time keeping a straight face doing this challenge. I ordered a pizza with a James Earl Jones style deep voice, and Katie picked the pizza up with a darn fine Dolly Parton impression. Although people probably didn’t notice it, we couldn’t help but feel completely fake. We sounded so ridiculous, how could anyone take us seriously?

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