Escape Plan TV #7: Pinnacle Peak Patio

eptv_07b.jpgIn this episode of Escape Plan TV, filmed in Scottsdale, Arizona, Kim and Jason demonstrate several fun and exciting ways to annihilate the Adultitis in your life. The ideas are all based on the world-famous Escape Plan.

The duo goes on a photo safari to find the most childlike place in town and end up at the Pinnacle Peak Patio, a place where neckties are never safe!

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5 thoughts on “Escape Plan TV #7: Pinnacle Peak Patio

  1. This looks like a great place! I’ll make sure that if I ever go to Scottsdale I have to eat at the Pinnacle Peak Patio! And I might wear a tie, just so they’ll cut it off and my tie will hang from the ceiling forever!

  2. Besides cutting off neckties, when I brought my father-in-law (sheriff of Amarillo, Texas) , he ordered a steak well done and was brought an old cowboy boot on a platter. Never forget the look on his face. This was in the mid sixties.

  3. I used to work for Pinnacle Peak, and they DO cut off the ties, in fact I had the plessure of cutting them off you myself! FUN FUN FUN. Now this was in the 70’s and I go there still each and every year to celebrate by birthday!! Love it. If you have not been, you have to go at least once, and you WILL go back again! Thanks for all the years!!

  4. I’ve lived in the Phoenix area since 1979 and before that my parents and I often visited my sister and her family here. I first went to “The Patio” in 1968 with the family, when I was seven years old, and still remember the look on my father’s face when they cut off his tie! I have worked in north Scottsdale for the past 10 years and have made it a routine to hit “The Patio” about once a month to have a steak with all the trimmins’ and a cold one and enjoy an Arizona sunset with my meal. It’s the perfect cure for my Adultitis and keeps me “in tune” so to speak. A definite stop wherever you are in the phoenix area!!!

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