Kim brings great experience to the table in her belief that the average bedtime is way too low. She proposes a plan that will raise the national minimum bedtime to at least 10:00 p.m. She realizes that she faces stiff competition from a primarily grown-up legislature, but she is not above using any means necessary to bring about change, including compromise, begging, dilly-dallying, whining, and asking for another drink of water.

Kim understands that there is an undeniable problem here in America when it comes to jobs. There are too many of them. Especially ones like folding laundry, setting the table, and cleaning your bedroom. She hopes to work out an agreement with established "Big Parent" groups to cut some of those needless hassles out of everyone's life, including the middle-class.

Perhaps her most controversial issue, Kim is ready to support a Constitutional amendment that would ban all forms of broccoli. She's prepared to stick to her guns on this one, feeling that an America free from broccoli in its gardens, grocery stores, and casseroles is a better, more palatable America. It is expected that former President Bush will wholeheartedly support Kim in getting this amendment done.

Kim believes that with your help, "a better America is only lots and lots of votes for her away."
She needs your support! – Vote for her today!

Authorized by Kim and paid for with allowance money. ©2004 by Jason Kotecki. All Rights Reserved.