Kim: The Candidate
Kim is looking to become the first female President of the United States. Kim is not a Republican or a Democrat, but rather a Pisces. She is running on a strong and focused agenda of raising the national minimum bedtime, decreasing chores, and banning all forms of broccoli. Among the things she looks forward to if she were to become President are the big house, the cool plane, the cute dog, and having music played every time she enters the room.

Jason: The Campaign Manager
Jason is Kim's best friend and campaign manager. With a clipboard he found on his father's desk, he conducts much of the polling. He has been in charge of many of the campaign details, including organizing the convention, scheduling debates, and spearheading a grassroots effort to get the word out. A few of the groups he thinks will be key to Kim's campaign are the "Soccer Mom" crowd, the "Late Night TV Producer" crowd, and the "Angry Older Sister" crowd.

Tropical Tracy: The Running Mate
Tropical Tracy has been tapped to serve as Kim's running mate. Little is known about this mysterious politico, except that she is twelve inches tall, drives a striking pink sports car, and allegedly hails from Taiwan.

Authorized by Kim and paid for with allowance money. ©2004 by Jason Kotecki. All Rights Reserved.