Don't Miss Kim's Campaign Wagon When it Rolls Into Your Neck of the Woods!

September 2 -- National Convention (Don't miss her big speech!)

September 7 -- Stump speech in Boompa's back yard.

September 15 -- The Clubhouse (also in Boompa's back yard).

September 20 -- New York City (location subject to change).

September 23 -- The Front Lawn (of Jason's house).

October 3 -- The Neighbor's Driveway (after he leaves for work).

October 8 -- The Kitchen

October 12 -- The Living Room

October 19 -- The Bathroom (limited seating-invitation only).

October 23 -- Halftime Show of the World Series.

Authorized by Kim and paid for with allowance money. ©2004 by Jason Kotecki. All Rights Reserved.