#9: Rebel With A Cause

The Challenge: Do one thing today to support a cause or issue you really care about.

Jason and I have been working with Compassion International sponsoring a little (not so little anymore) boy from Ethiopia for the past 9 years or so. I try to write to him a few times a year, but often feel guilty that I don’t more frequently. I’ve heard that you can email your sponsored child but have yet to take the time to set up an account on their website. So today I set up my account so that I can keep in touch more easily with Hal. I sent him a Happy Birthday message right away, since his 14th birthday is at the end of the month.

I also wanted to show support for Compassion in a way other than writing a check, which seems like the easy way out for this challenge. So I found their “contact us” form online and sent them a message encouraging them in their ministry. I would guess that it would be easy for people who work for charitable non-profitable organizations to loose sight of the differences they are making in others’ lives. So, I shared with them how much Compassion has affected my own life, as well as Haile’s. Compassion embodies one of my favorite verses from the Bible, “And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me” Matt. 18:5.

adams_ants_color1.gif After dismissing any thoughts of writing a million dollar check to The Make-A-Wish Foundation, I thought about how often children draw pictures to show their support. I was inspired to use my artistic skills to lend support to a cause I have been supporting. A while back in my blog, I mentioned a small — but growing daily — group called Adam’s Ants who have banded together to support a town in Mississippi that was ravaged by hurrican Katrina.

A recent e-newsletter mentioned that they were looking for some sort of logo to use in their newsletters, flyers, and under construction web site. Now this was something I could do. It’s been in the back of my mind, but today’s challenge inspired me to make the time and just DO it. I’m hoping it will be well-received. To me, it served as a needed reminder that we all have special gifts that can be used to make a difference — even small ones.

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vote.gifSo, who was most creative with today’s challenge? Who went beyond the comfort zone and put the biggest hammer on Adultitis? Who did a better job of capturing the spirit of childhood, Kim or Jason? Cast Your Vote!

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14 thoughts on “#9: Rebel With A Cause

  1. For a while now, I’ve wanted to donate in some way to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London because they do the most important work in the city, namely looking after sick kids.

    Well, today I went one better than a donation and joined Friends of GOSH, which is part of GOSHCC (the hospital’s Children’s Charity) and helps to raise money for essential things the hospital needs. My mum used to work for the hospital, and I’m really glad I’ve finally done this.

  2. Today I decided to connect with the local food pantry. So I went to my cabinets and started pulling out some foodstuffs – canned goods, boxed meals, spaghetti sauce – essentials I totally take for granted. Then I added a few fun things – fruit snacks, chips, pudding mixes – little things that might make bring a little smile to a tough situation. Now I could have gone to the grocery store in town and picked up a pre-packaged bag of stuff, but I wanted the donation to be from my cupboards. It reminded me of how lucky I am to be able to give and it also reminded me of the story of the first time I collected “food for the needy” – click on the link above and scroll down to find my Chalkboard post about the “Catholic School Con Artist.”

  3. As a relatively new mom, I am very concerned with the welfare of moms and babies (not that I’m dissing the dads, it’s just my area). I am blessed with the physical ability to take care of my child and we have money to feed all three of us. I can’t imagine the struggle of caring for children in poverty. When I went to my OB appointment for my second child, they gave me formula which I knew I wasn’t going to use. Since it’s too late to call today, I’m going to call Care Net tomorrow and offer them the formula. If it helps one mom and baby just a little, it’s time well spent.

  4. About this time 3 years ago I got a call one nite from someone at the American Heart Association. They were looking for someone in my neighborhood to send out cards to my neighbors asking for money for the organization. I was weak that nite and I said I would do it. A month later I got my package. I sent out 15 letters with personalized notes, pd for the stamps and addressed them and waited for the money to roll in. Actually I did pretty good. I kept 90% and I was happy that I asked for cash only, no checks and sent a huge 10 % out to AHA. Really, I got checks only and sent them out! In retrospect the truth is that my dad and all my uncles died of heart attacks. Sounds like it runs in the family.
    Anyway, today I got my packet and I sat down and in a wippy jif I got them all done tonite!

  5. I think shopping online is a wonderful thing….I buy everything from stamps to all of my Christmas gifts online. And I’m able to support a worthwhile cause at the same time! I’m a member of igive.com, a site that has hundreds of name brand online stores and websites that will donate a percentage of your purchase to the charity or not for profit group of your choice. I’m choosing to donate to Twinless Twins Support Group, a group that I’m a part of, that supports individuals who have lost a twin. It allows me to donate throughout the year in a pretty simple way – who knew buying my computer paper would be so philanthropic?

    And about a Kim & Jason related cause, I’ve coordinated my own “escape plan” of sorts…Operation: Escape Adulthood. Since I read Jason’s book, I decided that I know MANY “stressed out grown-ups” that could benefit from his eight secrets. So I’ve ordered several copies of the book, and have been sharing Jason’s wisdom with people around me (free of charge – which is a totally cool surprise to the recipients!).

    Today I shared four (4) books – 3 went to co-workers of mine, and 1 to one of my patients. It was so great to see their smiles and excitement to read the book! So far I’ve passed along 26 copies of Jason’s book….to my friends, family, my mailman and our hospital’s CEO!

  6. Neither one of us has an organization that we are really involved in. So we took some time to research different organizations and what they stand for. We learn some really great things.

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  8. When I think about a cause I care about, many come to mind, but one that has had a personal impact on my life is Camp Courageous of Iowa (www.campcourageous.org). I volunteered with the camp for several years when I was a teenager. It’s a camp for people of all disabilities of all age ranges. The things I learned, how the grew, the friendships I made are indescribable & still carry a very fond place in my heart. Today, I finally wrote Charlie Becker, the director, to thank him & all the people (staff, volunteers & campers) over the years for touching my life & to let them now how much their service does make a difference. Even though I haven’t worked with camp for 11 years, I still call it home in may ways. I hope that some day I will be able to give back again to them for all they have given to me.

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  10. Thanks for your great program at St. Aloysius School tonight. We talked about it all the way home and plan to make some changes. (And pokey is hid behind the orange juice!) We would like to sign up for your weekly email newsletter but didn’t leave our card with you. Can we do this somewhere on your site?
    Thanks again and God bless,
    Nick & Kay

  11. I donated money to the American Red Cross. My original intent was to donate toward support in Japan, but there was an option on the donation page that would allow me to donate “where the need is greatest.” There are so many natural (and unnatural) disasters happening all over the world that I figured the money will go where it is needed the most.

    I also contacted the organization where I used to volunteer, Horizons for Homeless Children. Until I changed jobs, I spent a couple of hours per week spending time with children in homeless shelters. I took a break when I changed jobs to adapt to the new one, but I’m more than ready to go back at this point. (Fingers crossed that I can start up again next week!)

  12. <a href=”http://amyannihilatesadultitis.wordpress.com/2011/05/03/challenge-9-rebel-with-a-cause/”Donated to the American Red Cross today! And it was seriously the most fun I’ve ever had!

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