Escape Plan TV #4: Northern California

EPTV #4In this episode of Escape Plan TV, filmed in various locations throughout Northern California, Kim and Jason demonstrate several fun and exciting ways to annihilate the Adultitis in your life. The ideas are all based on the world-famous Escape Plan.

So here’s what happens in this installment of Escape Plan TV: The duo walks across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, visits the Charles Schulz museum, and stops to say hi to some cows on the way to the Point Reyes lighthouse. Featuring music by Ethan Elkind.

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2 thoughts on “Escape Plan TV #4: Northern California

  1. What a view those cows had! I’m a little envious. And that mosaic with all the different comic strips was amazing, I’ve always wondered how they get it to look so perfect? It must be really hard work.

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