Escape Plan TV #5: Madison

eptv_05b.jpgIn this episode of Escape Plan TV, filmed in Madison, Wisconsin, Kim and Jason demonstrate several fun and exciting ways to annihilate the Adultitis in your life. The ideas are all based on the world-famous Escape Plan.

So here’s what happens in this installment of Escape Plan TV: The duo takes a tour of an ice cream plant, goes shopping on State Street, tries on some, um, cheese, and spends some time lounging by Lake Mendota.

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2 thoughts on “Escape Plan TV #5: Madison

  1. Thanks for this episode! It proves that you don’t have to be somewhere new to have a great day! Last weekend my mom and I decided to take a walk in the park. It’s so sad that we don’t go often because it’s beautiful and it’s free and it’s right in our hometown! We even took the dogs with us and they had even more fun than we had (I don’t think my dog’s ever seen a duck before). So thanks for reminding me that I don’t have to go to Florida or somewhere to get away from it all, I have an escape right here at home.

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