#11: You’re Not The Boss of Me

The Challenge: Do something your parents would never let you do as a child.

kim_dessert.jpgThe word “never” in this challenge really stumped me. My parents were strict but not militant. As I thought about it most of the things they “never” allowed us to do were really for our own safety. After some soul searching I realized there was one thing: eating dessert first. My parents would never have allowed this. So, now that I am in charge, why don’t I do it more? Jason and I decided to head out to dinner, so I picked Olive Garden because I remembered seeing a yummy dessert that I’d like to try- chocolate lasagna. When it came time to order I told the waitress I would be ordering dessert first. She admitted that she would like to do that more but feels too embarrassed. It did “feel wrong.” I ended up getting an appetizer for my entrée. I was so stuffed. I felt like quite the dinner rebel. I highly recommend it!

playdoh_monkey.jpg When I was a wee lad, I was enamored by Play-Doh®. Especially the smell and the way it felt in my hands. I even had a Play-Doh playset: The Fuzzy Bumper Barber Shop. It was awesome. There was a little plastic guy with holes in his head. You’d jam Play-Doh into his noggin and put him on the barber chair. As you’d push down, the compound would squeeze out of his head, creating a beautiful head of pink or blue or brown hair. There may have even been a beard/shaving element to it as well.

playdoh_buddies.jpgThe trouble was that my mom never let me play with it. Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but I swear I can count on my hand (with a few fingers chopped off) how many times I did. On the blue moon when I was allowed to play with it, it was at the kitchen table. I remember being surrounded by some sort of plastic tarp, and a hermetically sealed white NASA space suit might have been involved. Anytime I asked for one of those Play-Doh food kits — I LOVED those tiny hamburgers — I was always denied.

Today I went out and bought myself the Fuzzy Pet Parlor for $7.49. It was the closest thing to a barber shop I could find. I got home and created some very trendy hairstyles on various pets. I even — get this mom — played with it on the carpet!

How liberating.

Dark Room Confessionals:
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vote.gifSo, who was most creative with today’s challenge? Who went beyond the comfort zone and put the biggest hammer on Adultitis? Who did a better job of capturing the spirit of childhood, Kim or Jason? Cast Your Vote!

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11 thoughts on “#11: You’re Not The Boss of Me

  1. This morning I did something I’ve always wanted to do growing up – I slid down the bannister! I think my size may have taken a bit of fun out of it as it is not a super long bannister therefore making for a short ride 😉 Even though I’m 33 years old, I still felt a little thrill in “sneaking” a ride!

  2. This is a good one! My dad was a volunteer fireman and many times as I was growing up I remember the phone ringing a steady ring signaling a fire call. So playing with matches and fire was a no no! Smoking was not allowed either. Neither of my folks smoked. And the one time I “found” some smokes I tried smoking them behind the old garage and all was going well until old pop came around the corner and wanted to know what I was doing. Being the “smart” lad I was I put the cigarette out in the palm of my hand and all was well until I screamed out in pain and the smoke fell to the ground.
    So in honor of those 2 can’t dos I started a fire in my back yard and burned some tree trimmings and leaves from last fall and smoked a big fat cigar thank you!

  3. I can hear my mom now, “no ball playing in the house!” So, I went out to the garage, got a basketball, fired up for a dribble and THUD! Guess the ball being out in the frozen garage doesn’t make it ready for a game of one-on-one. 🙂 But it was a loud few thuds and I felt like a rebel nonetheless.

  4. I did a couple of things that my parents would strongly disagree with. I stayed out past my curfew. I stayed awake unitl 2:30 Am, and I ate Ice cream for breakfast. So, eat it parents.

  5. My mum is a pretty liberal person and didn’t disapprove too much of whatever I did back in the day, apart from one thing: banging on things. It. Would. Drive. Her. Nuts.

    Like many kids who want to be drummers (uh-oh!), I’d take whatever looked like drumsticks and bang on anything resembling a drum: pots, pans, tubs, jars – whatever came to hand. Well, yesterday (Sunday), I decided to make a drumkit out of everyday items, and play along to one whole song.

    My bass drum was a small washing basket laid upside-down on the floor; my snare was a casserole pot; my tom was a frying pan; and my ride was a chinese wok (all placed on the coffee table). A pair of knitting needles were my drumsticks. Needless to say, the racket was LOUD, but AWESOME! I played along to The Riverboat Song by Ocean Colour Scene and had a blast!

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