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  • an Escape Lab is a four-week, guided experience that artfully combines immersive online content, a vibrant community, and a curated treasure box of supplies and surprises.

    We LOVE creating amazing experiences. We’re addicted to it, actually. Reminiscent of an online course, an Escape Lab is an experience infused with delight, inspiration and adventure.

    Lots of people create online courses that they build and sell forever; a predictable series of content and quizzes, rehashed over and over again, year after year. This typical approach makes a lot of financial sense. But we have a habit of breaking rules and ignoring typical approaches. The typical way of doing things is never as much fun.

    And so each Escape Lab is completely unique, with an engaging combination of virtual and physical elements, thoughtfully crafted around a specific theme or area of study. The content, activities, and secret surprises are always different.

    Every single Escape Lab is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will NEVER exist again. (Oh, and for this first one, there are only 150 spots available.)

    We spend hours and hours crafting just the right mix of content that will inspire you and help take your story to a new level. We love dreaming up fun ways to surprise you, drawing out your inner child. And when the Lab begins, our focus is on YOU. We’ll be excitedly reading about your adventures, actively participating in the online conversations, and cheering you on in real time.

    how does it work?

    care-packagecurated care package
    Call us hopeless romantics, but we believe in the raw, emotional impact of getting good mail and we want to replicate the fun you had opening presents as a kid. So, before every Escape Lab begins, each Escape Artist receives a Treasure Box in the mail, filled with supplies and surprises curated for that particular Lab.

    Then, each weekday for the duration of the Lab, we send you a secret email dispatch. Again, the specific content varies, but you can expect a mix of exclusive video, audio, written content from us and other experts, as well as various secret missions, prizes, opportunities for live interaction and other instigators of smiles and shenanigans.

    Throughout the experience, you’ll be inspired and challenged to tinker, create, and grow within a safe environment filled with fun and magic. You have the chance to share with and learn from a vibrant community of kindred spirits joining you on the adventure, and you’re free to participate as much or as little as you like.

    Escape Labs are designed to be affordable and integrate easily into your every day life; no need to take off work or spend money on plane tickets and hotels. You don’t need any fancy technology, either. Just an email account, a web browser and an Internet connection is all that’s required. Oh, and a place we can send your Treasure Box!

    this is an opportunity to feel more alive.

    Adultitis is nipping at your heels. Escape Lab is the premier solution for defeating Adultitis and making your life way more amazing.

    Be a part of something special. Something that will never happen again.

    Join us on this adventure and give yourself a gift that will serve as starter fluid for a fire that will burn long after the Lab ends.

    Your friends,

    Kim & Jason

    Questions? Email us!

  • No dates present
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    (Have a few more questions first? We have answers here!)

    “Any interaction with Kim & Jason is stimulating, validating, and pure pleasure.”
    – Kay Albrecht, Houston, TX

    “It’s great people, with their heads on straight, with good ideas about how to maintain a childlike, yet responsible, approach to life. You won’t be disappointed.”
    —Corinne Hanson, Naperville, IL

    “The Escape Adulthood Summit completely changed my environment at work and playfulness at home. I’m pretty confident that anything Jason and Kim come up will be brilliant and applicable in some fashion.”
    -Tara Ingalls, Madison, WI