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So we’ve been hyping up the live Google Hangout tonight at 8:00 pm CST. It’s still happening, but just not on Google. To put it mildly, Google Hangouts gives us a bad case of Adultitis. So we are opting-out of that hot mess and moving things to Facebook, which will actually be a lot easier, more interactive, and thusly, way more fun.

We have created a special event page within the Escape Adulthood League Facebook Group. Kim and I will be online from 8:00 – 9:00 pm (again, this is central time we’re talking), and you are invited to join us for a lively discussion and other Adultitis unapproved shenanigans. You can ask us questions, we’ll ask you questions, and we even have a few giveaways up our sleeves. If you’d like to join us for any or all of it, read on.

How to Participate in Escape Lab LIVE:

1) If you aren’t already, make sure you are a part of the Escape Adulthood League Facebook group. (Click here to request an invite.)

2) Next, RSVP on the special event page by hitting the “join” button (this will ensure that you’ll be eligible to win prizes!)

3) Then at 8:00 pm, head to the Special Event page. We’ll be logged on and ready to go. Feel free to ask us a question (or the group at large). Just be sure to enter them as separate posts, so that we won’t lose track of them. That’s it! You’ll be able to comment and like and post pictures and participate in all of the awesomeness.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this wild party is not taking place on the regular group page, but on the Special Event page. Also, it is open to everyone in the Escape Adulthood League, which includes people who are in this Escape Lab or who have attended at least one Escape Adulthood Summit.


  1. Monica Deal Monica Deal says:

    Bummer…I don’t do Facebook, so I don’t think I’ll be able to participate in this one.

    • We’ll miss you, Monica! We totally get that not everyone is on Facebook. Since it seems to be the platform that is most accessible to the most people, that’s what we decided to go with. And in our testing, we determined that the Google Hangout would likely be a unmitigated disaster.

      But again, we’ll miss you! The important thing is to just keep being awesome.

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