Kool-Aid Project!


Huzzah! It’s time to open your second mystery envelope (the one marked January 20, 2015). Inside you will find a humble packet of Kool-Aid.


You are free to do with this as you will. Of course, you could mix up a batch to drink and enjoy. This is ideal if you don’t remember the last time you had Kool-Aid; it’s a wonderful stroll down memory lane!


You could really keep Adultitis on the defensive if you take things to another level. And mixing in your favorite *spirit* is just the beginning. You could also try one of the projects below:

10 Kool-Aid Project Ideas

1) Make Kool-Aid play dough!

2) Dye your hair!

3) Bake cupcakes decorated with Kool-Aid frosting! (You could even make the cupcakes themselves with Kool-Aid.)

4) Or whip up a batch Kool-Aid gummy bears.

5) For those of you in snowy climates, you could mix up some Kool-Aid snow paint!

6) No snow? Make Kool-Aid popsicles!

7) Celebrate Easter early with eggs dyed with Kool-Aid.

8) If you’re a crafty type, you could dye your own yarn.

9) If you have even more Kool-Aid packets on hand, you could construct a Kool-Aid purse.

10) You could match your purse to this Kool-Aid lip gloss.

Mega bonus points if you come up with something NOT on this list. But seriously, don’t let being unique paralyze you. That’s exactly what Adultitis would want. The important thing is do do SOMETHING and HAVE FUN!

Maybe you won’t be able to undertake your Kool-Aid project today. That’s ok, just be sure to make time for it! And then…

Share your Kool-Aid experience below!


  1. Allie Henke Allie Henke says:

    Hair dye??? Hmmmm wondering what my coworker would think of this who is also participating in this lab….. Maybe it will have to be done ;)

  2. Wendy Whitney-Scherer Wendy Whitney-Scherer says:

    My mind kept wandering as I watched the video about time. I kept dreaming about summer and Kool-sid so I think we might play a little like Olaf and sing “In Summer” while sipping kool-aid on the porch.

  3. Molly Hughes Molly Hughes says:

    The Kooolaid was exactly what we needed today! One of my littles has been asking to do baking soda and vinegar play (they get dishes of baking soda to scoop into a bowl, then eye droppers to squirt in the vinegar…and watch the wonderful reaction). Koolaid adds the perfect magical extra to this activity…I simply mix a packet a Koolaid into the baking soda. It is light enough that the kids don’t really notice until they squirt that first squirt of vinegar…and then the pop of color, and the wonderful smell of Koolaid fills the room! I received cherry, and I had a packet of lemonade from a recent order from the Lemonade stand, so we used both and had fizzy, bubbly, color mixing wonderfulness. I love to play with this as much as the kids…and the child who initially requested the activity worked for over an hour!!!

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  4. Monica Deal Monica Deal says:

    I needed to bake cookies today (we do not go for long without dessert in this house), so I decided to try Kool-Aid Cookies (recipe here: http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/kolorful-kool-aid-drop-cookies-54952.aspx). However, I couldn’t really see baking grape cookies (flavor in my envelope), so I used the Lemonade Kool-Aid that came in a recent order from the Lemonade Stand. While they aren’t colorful, they are really good! And my daughter is thrilled at the idea of dying her hair with the Grape Kool-Aid, a project we may have to try this weekend.

    Attached image:

  5. Jason Love Jason Love says:

    • Kim Kotecki Kim Kotecki says:

      Jason, seriously so so cool! Your Koolaid talked to us! I watched it like 6 times in a row!

      • Jason Love Jason Love says:

        Thanks so much. It was a lot of fun to make.
        There is a type of animation that uses sand. I have never tried it because I didn’t want to buy a big bag of sand to try it.
        The kool-aide pack in the challenge made me realize it is a good substitute for sand!!! Which worked out great.

    • Kimberly McCue Kimberly McCue says:


    • Avatar Sally Van Rens says:

      Very cool!

    • This is a sautéd slice of amazing drizzled in awesomesauce and served with a side of brilliant.

    • Becky Reisinger Becky Reisinger says:

      What did you use to make that video? I want to dabble more in videos since my kids are always doing crazy things. There is so muhc out there – not sure what is good for a “starter.”

      • Jason Love Jason Love says:

        I used Windows Movie Make and my iPhone to make this.

        It is really hard to find quality information to get started.
        It also depends a little bit on what you’re looking to do.
        Are you interested specifically in making “live action” videos (with a video camera) or animation?

        For the past few years, I’ve wanted to start learning “special effects” by just experimenting. The hardest part is finding time.
        Here is an example of trying to do a “lightsaber” effect over balloon animals. My wife and I were visiting a friend of ours and I edited the footage when I got home.
        For this, I used After Effects. This software can be pricey. The video isn’t as good as I hoped, but it was interesting to experiment.

        My new thing is also turning home movies into cinematic trailers.
        This one I used the iMove iPhone app. It was easy because iMove has a template for trailers. I have done a several without a template. They are just more time-consuming.

        Let me know what you’re interested and hopefully I can point you in the right direction.

  6. Becky Reisinger Becky Reisinger says:

    Okay, having two boys home with me who like messes and experimenting, we also did the baking soda and vinegar thing for a volcano! The eruption wasn’t much to write about, but the smell of grape soda filled our noses. The boys thought it smelled wonderful so we all dipped in a finger and tasted the foamy stuff. Amazing how much the koolaid masks the smell, but the not the taste of the vinegar! Now they want to do mentos and soda!

  7. Kimberly McCue Kimberly McCue says:

    Ooo, Kool-Aid gummi bears! I like the idea of that. Will definitely give it a try once I’m back home from out of town! I’m a sucker for things like fruit snacks and gummies.

  8. Terry Leonhardt Terry Leonhardt says:

    I think I wiil use my Kool Aid to corrupt my G-Kids (they only drink – water – milk – and rarely a juice box). I am sure their parents will love me filling them with sugar

    • You sound like my parents, Terry!

      My Dad likes to eat Hershey’s syrup straight from a spoon with my kids. I don’t recall him ever doing that with me and my brothers. The privileges of grandparenthood!

    • Jason Love Jason Love says:

      I’m sure they’ll appreciate it ;)

      We do the same with our son only drinking water, some milk, and watered down Apple juice rarely. The other day we were at my grandmother’s and I caught her trying to give him MountainDew Red!!!
      I am glad I caught that before he took a big gulp.
      I still thought it was funny. I’m curious if your grandkids liked the kool-aide since they’re not use to sugar drinks. Can’t wait to hear the update.

  9. Avatar Dave Timmerman says:

    I like the idea of frozen Kool aid ice cubes for drinks. Nice touch.

  10. Avatar Sally Van Rens says:

    I am not sure what to do with my kool-aid. I am leaning towards making the gummy bears for my son, but I am going to think and explore and see what else I can come up with.

  11. Mary Eickemeyer Mary Eickemeyer says:

    Definitely want to try the Kool-Aid frosting! Will have to wait until this weekend, though.

  12. Avatar Krista Sobieski says:

    Well it took me awhile and I had to add a little of my own so I had not only cherry kool-aide but grape too! It was quite fun trying to come up with something to do with my Kool-Aide when I remembered as a kid my mom making Kool-Aide Popcorn…so I decided to do it..I did the two colors so it was even more fun so we had purple & pink! Some of you reading may realized my co-worker Allie (who is also participating in Escape Lab) have so much fun when it comes to the Mascot, Petey Pig that was created because I didn’t empty recycling bin..anyways we work together at an early childhood program which we have tons of fun with Petey. Today with my Kool-Aide Popcorn we had a Petey the Pig..Popcorn Party with the children there!! It was a blast..and my moment to have fun with the kids!!

  13. Angela Dunlap Angela Dunlap says:

    I seriously (is that oxymoronic here?) thought about using Kool-Aid as hair dye for myself, but I then read the instructions and thought – way too many steps for me! So, I thought about making Kool-Aid Italian Sorbet, but I’m not crazy about blue raspberry lemonade, so I really didn’t want to taste it. Then, it snowed a little bit, so I thought I’d try snow painting, but I didn’t have any empty spray bottles. I’m nothing but excuses here. (smile) I decided to put the Kool-Aid in this spray bottle that still had vanilla scented body spray in it. I sprayed a little on the snow (see the other photo) and decided that was enough fun for me for one day! I must say I’ve got some pretty fragrant snow out there – vanilla scent trumps blue raspberry lemonade in case you were wondering.

    Attached image:

  14. Jenna Regis Jenna Regis says:

    I decided that my Grow-a-Penguin pal needed some color for her home :)

    Attached image:

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