The Open Mic


One of the things we’ve done at each Escape Adulthood Summit is reserve a chunk of time at the end for attendees to have the floor. It’s always one of our favorite parts, and seems to be a welcome opportunity for people to share whatever is on their mind.

Sometimes they talk about a new thing they learned or a transformation they’ve undergone. Sometimes they offer a word of appreciation for a new friendship that was formed with another attendee. Sometimes they just share their favorite part of the whole thing.

We figured that it would be worth trying it here as well.


The proverbial mic is yours, dear friend.

Feel free to share whatever is on your heart in the comments below.


  1. Avatar Krista Sobieski says:

    When I first seen Jason speak for the first time, I was totally stuck in a rut and really in a very depressive state, overworking, not focusing on the priorities of my life. I was having a major case of Adultitis….and really missing the fun in life. I loved Jason’s message and it was an eye opener. The pokey story hit home to realize that any day we can loose life, or those that we love. I had an illness years before that I should have known that but it still was not enough to make me really appreciate life. Because of Jason, I started adding more fun into my life and started to become a promoter of Jason’s & Kim’s messages. I started to even do a little conference speaking and hopefully giving others the opportunity to “live” in the moment and appreciate simply “what is.” Jason inspired me to make it “okay” to have fun at work as well as enjoy it! In my home with my children I live a bit more spontaneous and don’t always need to be so “scheduled.” We leave room for changes and don’t take things quite as serious. Not only has Jason inspired my heart; he has helped allow my optimistic spirit shine and living more freely.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Krista! I am truly, truly humbled. I applaud your initiative to take action on the things you were inspired by. Too many people don’t go any further than the inspiration stage. Bravo!

  2. Avatar Lundee Amos says:

    I wore red and green noses today for my colonoscopy. Brought smiles and laughs to all the nurses, doctor, etc. The anesthesiologist said that I made her day. Took a selfie with one nurse but it is on my IPhone. Keep smiling!

  3. Betty Vogt Betty Vogt says:

    You put together a great online adventure. I enjoyed it all. The box of goodies was especially fun.

    The crackerjack reminded me of my uncle. He liked to share trinkets with our son and usually included crackerjack.

    The “graduation” badge is especially nice and a handy reminder to tinker. I laughed a bit thinking of our son Jason’s wedding. They gave badges of their caricatures to all the guests. The wedding took place at a scout camp, and the theme was Day-of-the Dead–but that’s another story.

    Thank you for the winter tonic!

    • Happy to hear it, Betty! Sounds like your son’s wedding was a classic…I love creative weddings and I bet it was a fun one to attend!

  4. Melissa LeFever Melissa LeFever says:

    1. The time in the lab went by too quickly and I miss my daily dose of Adultitis-fighting goodness in all the forms it took (secret missions, cool messages, thought-provoking reads)
    2. I am now connected to this really cool group of peeps (or people who like peeps) on Facebook who continue on in that same spirit mentioned in #1.
    C. Is for Cookie. No other explanation needed on that, except our inside joke in our house is always interchanging numerical and alphabetical lists.
    4. I needed this escape- but instead of escaping anything, it really helped me carve out some time to reconnect with myself and what choices I have been making in life. It helped shed light on some things that we as a family were doing because we “should” be doing them (i.e. buying a nice house) and some things I was doing because I “should” (i.e. working 40 hours + a week so we can afford said house). We decided that we will be pursuing a smaller mortgage and I will be going part time. All this so I can do what I desperately want to do but was just thinking I couldn’t- staying home more with our daughter. The time and activities helped me reframe my thoughts about letting go of something good (a really nice house) to get something better (time with my daughter in an ok house). Plus we’re just trying to be more intentional about our time and attitudes.
    5. Must be nice. That phrase really has become a positive in the past month. I use the cup at work everyday and my whole department knows about it now and how I use it as an attitude adjuster.
    6. Thanks for a great experience, it was the nicest lab I have ever been in :)

    • Melissa, WOW. We are so excited to hear about the positive changes that have come about thanks to this experience. Of course, none of it would be possible without your willingness to tinker and grow, so kudos to you!

      Also, I love point C. Very important.

      • Melissa LeFever Melissa LeFever says:

        So I needed to take a moment this week just to reflect. I have been tinkering with my writing- occasionally writing something and putting it out there just to keep in practice and get over the fear of other people reading my heartfelt thoughts (most recently this one- ). It’s not perfect or polished, but it’s something and it makes my heart happy and isn’t that the only reaction I’m in control of anyway?
        We have an offer in on a house- our realtor didn’t think we could find one in the LOW price range we wanted in our area. Well, we did and if all goes through our payments will be less than our current rent, which she said was impossible (hahahaha, little did she know that rule doesn’t exist and I am part of a movement that tries to defy rules everyday :) ).
        I am so glad I did this lab- it got me to sign up for Facebook and getting the daily reminders to be young, stay fun, and share with others has been a highlight to my days. My husband now says with me “not a rule” when we do something silly… which is pretty regularly and makes us both smile.

        • Good for you, Melissa — on all fronts! Your blog paints a very accurate picture of the early days of parenthood. Actually, it sounds like last night in our household. :) I’m so SO thrilled to hear about the lasting effects of the Lab.

          I’m also glad to hear it sounds like we’ve corrupted your husband.

  5. Avatar Deborah Buchanan says:

    I will say that my “must be nice” cup is used daily and the phrase is now an entwined response to the bright news of lottery winners, Jay Leno and his Aston Martin, and at least 7 people who lately took the time to be in warmer climates before my spring break:) Out of necessity, I will be slowly enjoying my escape lab opportunities and am grateful they are available for the near future:)

  6. Angela Dunlap Angela Dunlap says:

    I still have to be brave at some point. I think about it, but I haven’t actually figured out what I should be doing that takes 20 seconds of bravery. However, I like the fact that I am not completely finished with the lab. I enjoyed the time spent doing most of the missions and assignments. The lab gave me permission, if you will, to recognize what I do well and improve on things I don’t do so well. I have in the back of my mind that I’ll take a spontaneous trip like Jason suggested. It takes a while for ideas like that to germinate and come to the forefront for me, but now that the idea is there, I’m thinking about ways to make it happen. It might take years because it will need a serendipitous confluence of events to come to fruition, but I know when I offer an idea to the universe, something will come of it.
    Thank you, everyone, for sharing yourself and your stories and your inspiration. Your attitude is contagious so laugh, laugh, laugh and smile, smile, smile. Act brave, even if you don’t feel it. Treasure each moment, even if it hurts or it is sad. May you all live with ease.

    • Angela,
      Thanks for being such an inspiring part of the first ever Escape Lab! You uplifted so many people, and I’m glad you got so much out of it yourself :) I can’t wait to hear about where you go on your spontaneous trip!

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