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Welcome! We shake you warmly by the hand and invite you to take off your shoes, pull up a bean bag chair and stay awhile. This is a place where you can escape the vile clutches of Adultitis, be inspired to break rules that don’t exist, and let your inner child run free.

This site is jammed with ways to help you upgrade your story with secrets from childhood, making your life less stressful and more fun! Our blog explores all kinds of topics, including life balance, parenthood, family, food, ideas for having fun at work, and boatloads of super fun (and cheap) things to create and do. On top of that, there’s whimsical, colorful art & comics to brighten your day. And don’t forget to peruse The Lemonade Stand, which is stocked with all sorts of cool stuff for the young at heart.

Of course, you can learn more about us, our story, and our mission, but we really hope you’ll join this small rebellion of freedom fighters dedicated to annihilating Adultitis. Sign up for our free weekly dispatch that’s filled with tips for creating a life of awesome.

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