A Video Snapshot of My Life Right Now

When we say “balance” what do we REALLY mean… peace, happiness, joy? Do you have “it”?

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  1. That was just so beautiful, Kim :) Your big boy Ben is precious, and looks so peaceful sleeping, as you do talking during your quiet moment.

    That lack of lighting is cool too … I couldn’t tell whether you had makeup on but you look healthy and calm.

    I’m also happy with the ‘balance’ we have here, and I consider myself spoilt with plenty of time to cherish my family and put first things first.

  2. Great to know you’re alive and kicking, Kim!! (well…I guess I didn’t see any kicking…that little guy probably does a bit of that, though, I bet!)

    I’ve shifted my thoughts on balance to a little different perspective – and like to think of it as “harmony”. As in – is what I’m doing in harmony with who I truly want to be… (which…is much like that idea of being at peace with the balance we choose…)

    P.S. the video is GREAT!!!!

  3. haya says:

    there is nothing better in the world to just sit and look at than a sleeping baby. hurray for sleeping through the night. i am sure that is excellent for all of you.
    also, you look great. makeup or no makeup (who cares!), i can definitely see peace and happiness (and joy).

  4. Awww he’s a cutie!

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