You Know, We Are Living In A Society

george_costanzaAnd it is royally screwed up.

I just did a Google search on “How to connect with your neighbor.” I was trying to find some people who might be interested in the Escape Adulthood show episode in which we shared a fun idea for introducing yourself to a neighbor you might not know very well. I got a bunch of posts about hacking into your neighbor’s home network, and at the bottom of the search page, Google suggested these related searches:

how to make your neighbors move
find criminals your neighborhood
find predators your neighborhood
find rapist your neighborhood
find molesters your neighborhood

No, Google, not exactly what I was looking for. Call me crazy, but methinks something is seriously wrong here. Pass this video along, and maybe we can turn the tide.

I miss Mr. Rogers. Anybody else?

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  1. Won’t You Be My Neighbor
    “I’ve always wanted to have a neighbor just like you.
    I’ve always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you.”

    I miss Mr. Rogers too!

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