5 Fun Things to Do at McDonald’s

So here’s what I want to know. Is the guy in the white shirt another customer asking to take their picture to show people at work? Or is it the manager from McDonald’s? And if the latter, is he saying, “You guys are hilariously creative! How about we treat you to four Happy Meals?” or “We have an Adultitis-ridden policy against fun and that’s why I have to tell you to leave the premises immediately.”

Just wondering.

While this is a fairly elaborate stunt, here are a few other things you can do next time you’re at McDonald’s:

  • Order a hamburger with cheese. If they say, “Do you mean a cheeseburger?” calmly and politely say, “No, I want a hamburger with cheese.” (Alternate: Order a cheeseburger without the cheese.)
  • Talk in a phony accent to the person taking your order.
  • Have someone in the car get out and direct you through the drive-thru is if he or she is parking an airplane at a gate. Take it to another level at night with a flashlight in each hand.
  • Order from the drive-thru and ask them nicely if they could make it “to-go.” Repeat it several times throughout your order.
  • Two words: Sticky Cup.

Do you have any other fun drive-thru ideas to share?

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  1. Some friends of mine did a similar stunt years ago – one person made the engine sounds, one guy was the radio, there was of course the driver and the front seat passenger that had to lean across to shout out his order. It’s still a great gag!

  2. Okay…I have to share this one:
    A couple of months ago, my two boys and I were in Washington DC. We happened to be staying at a hotel right next to a Taco Bell – and with two teenage boys – they are ALWAYS hungry. So…at around 10 at night, we walked over there to get some food. Well…the guy inside pointed to the “hours” sign on their door when we tried it and it was locked. Inside eating closed at 10 PM (we just missed it) but the drive thru was open for a couple of hours yet. So…we walked through the drive through. There was only one car in front of us…until all of a sudden there were three cars behind us. And the car right behind us – the guy kept taking our picture and telling us he had to show this to his friends – and he had to do it someday too!! What started out as just wanting to get some food turned out to be a fun little adventure!!! (and that’s what makes life FUN!!!)

    • Thanks for sharing, Lance. Further proof that where there’s a will (or a hungry teenage stomach) there’s a way!

  3. A few years back my brother and our two friends loaded up in the car and we were really bored. We’ve got a small town where there’s nothing to do but drink and do drugs and we’re not those kind of people. We decided one night that when we went to mcdonald’s for food we were going to do the drive through in reverse!

    The manager actually came out and was laughing so hard he had to take a picture of it. He thought it was absolutely hysterical. The lady at the window actually called the entire restaurant staff over to get a look at us. So that’s when we decided to hit every drive through in town that night.

    Taco Bell got seriously mad at us and threatened to call the cops and said we weren’t welcome back. (they’re notorious in our town for being rude) Burger King kind of giggled a little but didn’t say much, Wendy’s they didn’t even noticed. Acted if it was totally normal. We found that to be the most humorous of the night. Well, after the McDonalds.

    • Now THAT is ridiculously awesome, Anin! No doubt you had WAY more fun than the people drinking and doing drugs!

  4. Hey, I actually do order cheeseburgers with not cheese. It’s cheaper in a combo but they only have the cheeseburger combo. Every once in a while I’ll get one that says so you want a hamburger?

  5. It’s so funny that I found this post AFTER just having a McD’s experience.
    Last weekend my 14 year old son (voted funniest in our house 2 months in a row) asked me to order our food at the drive thru speaker in an English accent. Half way through he waved at me and whispered “Now use your regular voice.” It was a HOOT! And a fun challenge when going to pay, as you try to keep a straight face and decide which accent to use in person.

  6. Anonymous says:

    one time me and my friend went through the drive threw ordering with british accents and wearing huge shades at 11at night. when we got to the window it was someone we new, and suddenly our accents where gone. still to this day we cry laughing bout it.

  7. its really fun to go through on horse back! you have to order a salad or else its just mean of course but its quite fun to watch their reactions as they realize that you are in fact on a horse.


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