Meet Clifton Wise

Kim & Jason Nation is a playful group of rebels who share a joyful, indomitable childlike spirit and are not afraid to let that spirit come out to play! They’re united by a common goal of fighting Adultitisand the doo-doo heads who embrace its ideals. Quite frankly, they’re pretty much the coolest people on the planet. Here’s one right now…

My name is… Clifton Wise.

My hometown is… Warsaw, Virginia

My biggest dream…Have the largest most popular Summer Camp in the state!

My inspiration… My kids for sure…They keep me entertained and I love them!

When I was a kid, I…loved Power Rangers and anything dealing with magic and I’m still convinced I can still become a Red Ranger!

My favorite childhood toy was…Legos (I could build anything I wanted).

One way I stay childlike is…Working with kids all day every day and acting silly!

What I know so far… is that I am still learning everyday and I can never know it all.

My favorite things about “Kim & Jason” is… their enthusiasm and commitment to help us all get cured of “Adultitis.” They are AWESOME!

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