Dream On


Where do dreams come from? Not the kind you have when you’re sleeping, the other kind. The kind you can’t stop thinking about when you’re awake. The kind that get you up in the morning, keep you going when times are tough, and fill you with joy when you think about them actually coming true.

I happen to believe that those dreams were baked into us from the beginning. They’re part of our spiritual DNA. We discover them at different points of our lives, but when we do, watch out. Nothing can stop us.

Unless we let it.

Dreams are powerful things, and Adultitis will stop at nothing to get us to derail us. It will stonewall us, discourage us, frustrate us, humiliate us and do whatever it can to get us to give up on our dream, or worse, downsize it. That way we will go through life sleepwalking, mistakenly thinking that we are indeed following our dream, without ever realizing it is but a shallow knockoff of the original.

Discouragement may be its biggest tool, for when the no’s pile up and the closed doors begin melting our resolve, it’s easy for Adultitis to step in and convince us that we were simply mistaken, overzealous, or — my favorite — unrealistic. It wants us to forget the fact that it takes a certain number of no’s to get to a yes. And the bigger the yes we need seems to be in direct proportion to the number of no’s we will have to hear.

Don’t give up your dreams. And for goodness’ sake, don’t downsize them, either. A yes may be just around the corner.

Dream on.

“Dream On” by Jason Kotecki. Made with Phostoshop.

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  1. I’m always thinking about my husband who’s not with me since he works faraway. He’s my dream.

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