A Series of Pep Talks From That Unquenchable Friend

jen_robinsonJen Robinson, our favorite children’s book expert in the whole wide world, recently reviewed a book geared more towards bigger kids. Namely, bigger kids like you! She takes her reviews very seriously, so we were quite ecstatic to see she had some great things to say about There’s An Adult In My Soup. Here’s a snippet:


I still loved the book. I flagged it with about 30 post-its. I intend to read it again, and to give it to other people to read. Because, for me, this book is a reminder to try to be a happier, more optimistic, person. To be more childlike (as opposed to childish). To notice the small joys as they pass by. To strive for balance.

There’s An Adult in My Soup is like a series of pep talks from that unquenchable friend – the one who always makes you smile, even when your cynical side things that it’s more complicated than that. I’m happy to have read it. I hope that some of you will want to read it, too.

Jen even included some of her favorite passages in her review. By the way, if you think children’s books are just for kids, think again. Many adults read them as an enjoyable way to escape adulthood. Plus, it’s a far better thing to do before bed than watching the news. Ick. Check out Jen’s blog for something that might suit your fancy.

Pick up your very own copy of “There’s An Adult In My Soup,” filled with short bursts of inspiration, witty and wise life balance advice, and over 50 fun illustrations.

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  1. Libby says:

    I just read The Wizard of Oz in September. It is better than the news, which I avoid like the plague!!!

    • Oh, that’s a good alternative. As is the Harry Potter books, the Lord of the Rings books, and the Narnia books!

  2. Libby says:

    Oh and congrats on a GOOD review!

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