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Finding the Golden Ticket

ticket.jpgRecently Jason posted a blog featuring some tidbits Erma Bombeck left behind before she passed away from cancer. I have reread her thoughts a number of times. It’s almost as if I can’t read it enough. After I read her words I feel like I’ve found the “golden ticket.” It helps me put things in perspective and gives me permission to make sure I am enjoying each moment. [Read more…]

Save the Candy Corn

I love this painting by Dan Goodsell. Found it over at Sugar Frosted Goodness.
Also, feel free to weigh in on the worst Hallloween candy ever.

EA #14: Halloween for Grown-Ups

In this super scary Halloween podcast, brought to you from the haunted studio 203 in Madison, Wisconsin, we talk about memorable Halloween costumes. We will also discuss Pee-pee Teepees, grown-ups who celebrate Halloween, and give you tips on how to look like a zombie.

Listen now by clicking play below. [Read more…]

Look Who’s Talking About Algebraic Number Theories


Here I am sitting with the newest Cabbage Patch Kid prototypeDavid Letterman’s future sidekickthe offspring of Yoda and Elton John…actually, it’s John, the son of some good friends and my nephew by proxy. If nothing else, he looks like the world’s smartest baby. Cute, ain’t he?

Rock, Paper, Scissors and Decisions

Rock. Paper. Scissors. The ultimate conflict resolution game for kids. You pick rock, your buddy picks paper, and you get to climb the fence to get the errant tennis ball. Did you know that there is an actual Rock, Paper, Scissors International World Championship? Believe it.

The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide

What about using Rock, Paper, Scissors to help make important life decisions?

Stephen Shapiro of shares a technique he learned from a “creative-type” named Russ Schoen: [Read more…]

Auction Update

The Click to Cure Cancer auction ends today. Depending on when you read this, you may still have time to place a lest second bid for a one-of-a-kind Kim & Jason item. Plus, your contribution will help beat up cancer.

Make a Joyful Noise

joy_silhouette.gifThis morning started as a normal Sunday morning at church. The opening song was starting as the priest and altar servers were walking down the aisle. As they approached the altar I noticed they had a visitor- a young girl, my guess is 3 1/2 – 4-years-old. She had followed them up on the altar. She was dancing freely to the music with a big grin on her face. She danced and danced for what seemed like minutes, but it was probably only ten seconds. Then she did something that surprised us all! (As if this wasn’t surprising enough already!) She went up to the podium and grabbed the microphone, yanked it down to her level and sang her own version of the opening song. She sang for a few seconds before the priest whisked her away from the microphone and her mom approached them both and helped her off the altar. [Read more…]

Hitchhiker’s Guide to America

fiddy_scott.jpgTalk about escaping adulthood. May I introduce you to Matt “Fiddy” Fidler and Scotty MacDonald, two recent graduates hitchhiking their way to all 50 state capitals — in 50 consecutive days or less. Their web site, Hitch50, documents the entire journey. From their own words:

Why are we doing this? We both just graduated college and didn’t exactly pursue the typical business jobs our classmates were chasing, so we needed something to do. Something fun to do, which involved traveling and meeting people and sharing experiences with them. So… we decided to hitchhike to every state capital, in 50 days or less. This gives us the opportunity to meet fun people and see fun places all over the USA. During the process we’ll also get the opportunity to neglect sleep, nutrition and exercise for almost two months….which is awesome. [Read more…]

Party Like It’s…

We just completely re-designed the Kim & Jason Lemonade Stand, adding a bunch of new products and features. We wanted to commemorate the occasion, but were left scratching our heads. How exactly do you properly celebrate the grand re-re-re-opening of an online store? We contemplated the idea of showcasing the home page on one of our computers — one with a big fancy ribbon tied around it. Then we could huddle around the computer for a big, ceremonial, and extremely underwhelming ribbon-cutting ceremony.

We settled on a party instead. Confetti was tossed, things were broken, and the cops showed up — twice. We were able to capture some of the footage here for your viewing enjoyment. Check out the video, stop by the new and improved Lemonade Stand, and let us know what you think. (Oh yeah, and buy three hundred dollars worth of stuff — we have some windows and a lamp to replace.) [Read more…]

Sincerest Form of Flattery

A few days ago, I received an e-mail containing a photo that represents one of the top highlights of my cartooning career to date. It is a photo of a little boy — and die-hard Kim & Jason fan — who has decided to be Frankenstein this Halloween. Joey modeled his look after the costume Jason (the cartoon character) wore in an episode back in 2004.


How cool is that? While I can’t guarantee a record setting candy intake for Joey, I can say with certainty that he made my October.

P.S. By the way, this isn’t the first time Joey has been featured in this blog

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Enjoying the Journey

Our recent day in Miami reminded me, once again, that life is more about the journey than the destination. I was very excited about visiting Miami. Jason and I are big fans of CSI Miami and have enjoyed seeing some previews of the city from the show. (We are huge “H” fans! Fellow “H” fans will appreciate this picture.) h.jpg

The plan was to drive from West Palm Beach to Miami taking the A1A Hwy. From the map, it seemed as if this would be a pretty drive, as it’s right along the Atlantic coast. Thinking about it, the drive was my favorite part of the whole day. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue with puffy white clouds, the ocean on our left, there was a cool breeze coming in from the sunroof and great music pumping through our iPod. It was great! [Read more…]

Click to Cure Cancer

Readers of this blog, fans of Kim & Jason, and people who think cancer is stupid may be interested in, an online auction with proceeds going to the fight against cancer. There are a ton of neat things up for bid, including a few unique Kim & Jason related items of note:

priceless.jpgBecome a Cartoon Character!
“Ever wondered what it would be like to see yourself in a comic strip? Now you can! The top bidder of this prize will be drawn into an upcoming Kim & Jason comic strip as an ‘extra.’ The daily comic strip, drawn by Madison cartoonist Jason Kotecki, is published in several Midwest newspapers and is read by thousands of people all over the world.” [Read more…]

Collect More Grass Stains

Yvonne over at the Lip-Sticking blog posted some thoughts by Erma Bombeck. Here are a few poignant tidbits from If I Had My Life to Live Over:

I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.
I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded.
I would have eaten the popcorn in the ‘good ‘ living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone! wanted to light a fire in the fireplace. [Read more…]

Move Over, Chubby Bunny

Today is Friday the 13th. Maybe that’s why our flight got bumped and we’re staying another night in West Palm Beach, compliments of Delta. (The other option was taking a flight to Atlanta, then another one to Milwaukee, and then an hour and a half cab ride to Madison at about 11:30 p.m.) The Radisson will do nicely.

As I sit in the hotel writing this, I am compelled to label this a good trip. Sure, we’ve had this little snafu, and our free day in Miami yesterday was cut short by the rain (the clouds opened up about fifteen seconds after we stepped on South Beach), but today was beautiful and we got to take a dip in God’s swimming pool, a.k.a. the Ocean. And we had two very good speaking gigs in Wellington (special thanks to Fr. Munro and the entire St. Rita’s Faith Formation team!) Eighty new people signed up to be Kim & Jason Insiders and I finally came up with a suitable replacement for Chubby Bunny. [Read more…]

Lizard Pancake

We arrived in West Palm Beach yesterday for a duo of speaking gigs; one last night, another one this evening. I had heard stories, but I finally experienced this fact firsthand: Wisconsin has chipmunks, Florida has lizards. To my boyish delight, I spotted one scurry across the sidewalk as we were unloading our stuff from the car. Sadly, he ducked into a crack, preventing me from taking a good look at the little guy. I secretly hoped I’d get another chance later, but next time I’d approach him (or her?) a bit more carefully.

lizard.jpgSo I helped Kim set up the product table — this just in: books are heavy — and got ready for my presentation. After it was all over and the last of the people had gone home, it was time to pack up. Once I finished putting away the computer and projector and other miscellaneous technological stuff, I went to give Kim a hand.

“You’re gonna love this,” she said. [Read more…]

Who’s The Idiot Writing this Blog?

My friend Jesse pointed me to this direct quote in a recent post:

Last week I took a day and a half to get away. I ventured west to Milwaukee; just me, myself and I.

Considering I live in Madison, and Milwaukee is on the eastern side of Wisconsin, nestled along Lake Michigan, he wondered if started by sailing in Lake Michigan.

I must have failed to mention that I DID go west, and I actually circumnavigated the world in order to get to Milwaukee. My bad.

Bad Breathing Causes Adultitis


We do it 20,000 times a day and many of us are doing it wrong. Yikes!

I read a very interesting article today by Christopher Uhl that connects breathing to stress. Ulh’s article refers to information shared in Gay Hendricks’ book Conscious Breathing. When we were little we knew how to breathe. We did it perfectly without even trying. [Read more…]

Review by Stinky: I Might Barf Snapsuit

Finally they’ve come up with an article of baby clothing that tells the truth. I’ve known for decades that babies — although cute and adorable little bundles of slobber and acceptable fat — were at least partly designed to ruin your new Piero Tucci leather jacket. But let’s face it, a baby admitting he might barf is like a politician admitting he might get caught up in an embarrassing scandal involving a dime store street walker or the pope admitting he might be Catholic. [Read more…]

Why the Rush?

Our lives are busy. Busy, busy, busy! In fact, isn’t it true that we use busyness as a badge of honor? As in, “How’s it going, Bob?”

“Great Stan. I’ve been really busy.”

“That’s good, Bob.”

Meanwhile, Stan thinks to himself, “Bob is super successful. He’s a real go-getter. Every time I see him, he seems really busy.”

It seems like whoever can prove they’re the busiest wins. (Although I’m not sure what.) It’s rare that anyone bothers to ask what someone is busy doing. Annd it’s rarer still that anyone would ever admit, “I’ve haven’t been very busy at all. I’m just taking life as it comes, enjoying it one moment at a time.” Today, Seth Godin offers this bit of honest persepctive: [Read more…]

Contest: Submit A Photo and Win $20

We’re looking for some good photos of childhood. Your childhood. Your mom’s childhood. Your kids’ childhood. Anyone’s childhood will do.

Dig through your photo collection and take your best shot of winning our latest photo contest. The best photo (as decided by an esteemed panel of intergalactic judges, including Stinky) will be selected to appear for a whole month on the home page of The Kim & Jason Lemonade Stand. Besides being the envy of your friends and family, you’ll also win a $20 gift voucher to The Lemonade Stand! Cha-ching!

This month’s theme is…"Autumn." Go ahead and submit any photos that you feel fit this theme. The photos that date back a decade or several stand the best chance of winning, but we’re also looking for creativity, humor, and good ol’ nostalgia.

The deadline is October 30, 2006. Submit your photos here!

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Milwaukee, Up Close and Personal

this_car.jpgHere are a few photos from a recent photo safari in downtown Milwaukee. It was a gloomy day, but I was able to avoid the rain. It was kind of fun just to go exploring the city, looking at it from a new perspective and being creative just for the sake of being creative.

Who’s The Idiot in the Rearview Mirror?

Oh, wait, that would be me.

grey_skies.jpgLast week I took a day and a half to get away. I ventured west to Milwaukee; just me, myself and I. It was an introvert’s dream. I putzed around a few bookstores while drinking caramel apple cider, went on a photo safari downtown (I’ll post some photos later), and visited the Eisner Museum of Advertising and Design. The most productive thinking time occurred in my hotel room, a good seven hour chunk of time with pizza and Pepsi at my side. [Read more…]

Get Up Faster

Everyday I am faced with opportunities to “get up.” I’m sure I’m not the only one. Let me give you some examples.

A simple five-minute task turns into a 30-minute task when the printer decides to be crabby.

When you finally get to take that short power nap you’ve been looking forward to, you are interrupted by a neighbor playing loud music, which lasts for about as long as your nap.

After a long week, you drive across town for a dinner out; only to find out that the place you had your heart set on is not accepting tables because they have a private party for the evening. [Read more…]

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