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The Worst

pumpkin_puke.jpgHappy Halloween! I found this picture over at and it inspired me to write the following post:

Mounds. Popcorn balls. Good N Plenty. Circus peanuts. Black licorice.

That’s my vote for the top five worst Halloween candy (candies?) of all time. And candy corn, you just missed the cut.
What are yours? 

Pie Anyone?

Fish&Kim3.jpgI had a very miserable piece of pie the other day. You may have heard of the flavor: humble pie. Yes, I was looking through pictures of our Seattle trip with some friends when I realized that I, too, am struggling with a case of Adultitis. Admittance is the first step, right? The picture I shared a few blogs ago with me holding the large fish from the Pike Place Fish Market struck a chord with me.

I’ve seen that face before. Who does that remind me of? It’s someone very familiar. Then it hit me. [Read more…]

Adults are Ruining Everything

They say misery loves company. That must be the reason why grown-ups suffering from full-blown cases of Adultitis are working so hard to ruin Halloween for kids.

vader_mask.jpgMy three-year-old niece is going Trick or Treating as Darth Vader this year. (Yes, I did say niece.) She already has the next three years worth of costumes planned out. Next year, it’s Luke Skywalker, then Darth Maul, then…a bunny.

The other day on the radio, I heard the superintendent from the Madison School District mention that they don’t encourage schools to have costume parties. They don’t ban them; they just strongly discourage them. “Some cultures don’t look at dressing up in costumes the same way as others,” she said.

[Read more…]

What’s So Great About The Great Outdoors?

archaeologist_jason.jpgWhen I was a kid, I remember heading out back to the ravine behind our house. It was only a few steps from the front door, but it might as well been a million miles away, in some godforsaken, unexplored jungle. I’d pretend to be Han Solo, exploring a far off planet, or an archaeologist, digging for clues about ancient years — like the early seventies. My friend Jenna often tells stories about sitting in a tree in her yard, enveloped by branches, equipped with books and sandwiches. In fact, many people I know, when asked to name their favorite place to play as a child, would mention somewhere outdoors. [Read more…]

Silly Ideas

Maria pointed me to a post on the Kat’s Paws blog about an article that ran in The Boston Globe. It’s about a 45-year-old guy named Peter Lewis who built a treehouse in his backyard. A glorious, wonderful, 250 square foot, two-story treehouse featuring a wood stove and retractable staircase “to keep the girls out.”

treehouse.jpgLewis, a writer, uses the getaway as a place to get some work done. And sneak in a few naps. As I travel around the country encouraging people to escape adulthood, I am always mindful of the people with suspicious looks. The ones who think that “escaping adulthood” is marked by those irresponsible few; the ones in the middle of a midlife crisis with a few screws loose to boot. However, the article points out:  [Read more…]

It’s Official

clubkj_sketch.jpgWe’ve batted the idea for a paid subscription around for a long time here at Kim & Jason Headquarters. We finally and officially launched the new Club K&J last week, and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve always wanted to keep the daily strip free. I think that’s very important, not only to help spread the word about Kim & Jason, but also for the kids and other folks who don’t have any money to shell out to read the strip (even though it IS only seven cents a day.) But as the web site has continued to grow, it’s become pretty cost prohibitive to keep it all going. So we’ve come out with a pretty cool package of benefits to help defray the cost of maintaining everything while offering some nice perks for the people who love Kim & Jason. [Read more…]

Pockets in my Pockets

minidoublech_160.jpgI was in first grade. It was the first time I would eat dinner at a friend’s house. I was excited. Being the youngest I always longed to be ‘old enough’ to do all of the cool things my three older sisters could do…going to a friend’s house for dinner was one of those many things.

Julie and I played all afternoon and had a blast. Then supper came. We sat down with her parents and older brother. Julie was excited about what was for supper. I, on the other hand, was in pure panic mode. [Read more…]

Age Appropriate

A phrase that I often heard and used while teaching Kindergarten was ‘age appropriate.’ You knew right away when something was NOT age appropriate in a room full of twenty-plus five and six year olds. For instance, the well-intended volunteer who proceeds to tell a story to the wiggly rug-rats that is way over their little heads, which then leads to chaos ensuing when the bored kiddos simultaneously decide they are done listening. Recipe for disaster. [Read more…]

Crabs and Coffee: View from a Camera

I finally got around to posting some pictures from the Seattle trip. (Check out my Escape Adulthood photo album) It’s hard to sum up the whole experience in photos. I think that when people go to visit new places, they try and take a million pictures of everything they see and do. And they end up taking the same standard shots that everybody else takes. In most cases, the pictures never do the place justice, and you’re always a little disappointed that you weren’t able to capture the “feel” of the place. Somehow, your photos never end up as good as the postcards you bought in the hotel gift shop. [Read more…]

Scrapbook Away Adultitis

elmers_glue_stick.jpgAttention scrapbooking aficionados! Michelle Thompson at Scrapability has taken the 8 Secrets from Childhood from my ChangeThis manifesto (free download) and applied them to the art of scrapbooking. She correctly (and wittily) states, “The link into any seri-arse scrapper’s identity — the ability, just for a bit, to escape adulthood, remember your childhood and simply ‘to play’.”

I think scrapbooking is indeed a great way to tap into that childlike  creative spirit in a “grown-up” way. Definitely more productive than sitting in front of the boob tube. Here’s Michelle’s scrapbooking slant on the 8 Secrets: [Read more…]

Feeling Crabby

Got back from Seattle yesterday. A full day of speaking engagements on Sunday wore me out, but they went really well. I’d like to welcome all of the new Kim & Jason readers in the Pacific Northwest…thanks for the warm reception!

I’m glad to be home for a sense of “normalcy” before Kim and I are off to Rhode Island and Boston in a few weeks, but I can’t wait to go back to Seattle for another visit. Great city, great people. It reminds me of Madison on steroids. [Read more…]

Not Sleepless in Seattle…

space_needle.jpg…my feet won’t let me.

Kim and I had a chance to get out and explore Seattle yesterday. We’re big walkers, and we did a lot of it. I think you just get a much better feel for the city by walking as much as you can; you get a real vibe for the place. By the end of the day, my feet started to revolt, but by the grace of New Balance, they are still here to talk about it. We parked in the shadow of the Space Needle, and walked west toward Puget Sound, then south to the famous Pike Place Market. It certainly lived up to its billing as the soul of the city. Being from Madison, I am no stranger to the idea of an open-air farmer’s market, but this is a whole different thing altogether. The sights, the sounds, the smells…awesome.

crabs.jpg [Read more…]

Smelly Hands

Fish&Kim.jpgAs some of you know from Jason’s blog, we are currently in Seattle, WA. Jason is putting on four speaking programs here in the Emerald City. One of the things I was looking forward to the most about visiting Seattle was getting the chance to see the fish being thrown at Pike Place Market. Who would’ve known that by the time it was all said and done, I would be holding one of those famous fish. The smelly hands that followed the experience were well worth it. Speaking of smells, Jason and I commented on the amazing mix that filled the air at the market. There were fresh flowers, a plethora of fruits and vegetables, fresh honey, coffee beans, bakery smells, and of course – fish. My eyes and ears could not take in the vast variety of things there were to look at and hear, between the vendors with their creative creations, street musicians on every corner, big ships everywhere, and the flying fish. It is an amazingly childlike place to visit.

Real Sophistication

By whose standards do we measure true sophistication?

Today I ‘caught’ a man, about mid-40’s, in a suit and tie sneaking some notes on a hotel lobby piano. He had a childlike smile on his face until he noticed Jason and I in his peripheral vision and then he quickly left.

HarleyBEAR.jpgThe other day I saw a guy driving a convertible at 6:15 am wearing a Santa hat.

A few weeks ago I saw a ‘Harley guy’ decked out in leather from head-to-toe, with a stuffed bear strapped to the back of his motorcycle.

“The most sophisticated people I know- inside they’re all children. We never really lose a certain sense we had when we were kids.” –Jim Henson

Hello Seattle

autumn_tree.jpgKim and I flew into Seattle yesterday morning for a week of speaking engagements. I’m writing this from my trusty new Apple PowerBook one suburb away from Redmond, the worldwide headquarters of Microsoft. It’s beautiful here this time of year. This tree is right outside our hotel window.

We are hoping to do a bit of sightseeing tomorrow — if the rain holds out — but for now I’m in my temporary command post in between drawing comic strips and coloring the October 30 Weeekend strip.

My favorite childhood moment so far was the plane ride. [Read more…]

I Love Fall

fall_pumpkins.jpgIt really is my favorite season. Growing up with a yard full of trees offered many options for piles of leaves to jump into. My favorite thing to do was to rake up a big pile at the bottom of the slide on the swingset, climb those endless eight steps and fly into the crunchy sounds of happiness. The first fire in the fireplace was also a big deal. We had to break open the bag of marshmallows. Even though fall always seems like the shortest season it is filled with some of my favorite things in life:

The crisp cool mornings.
The traveling birds overhead.
The gorgeous leaves. [Read more…]

Suprise Your Brain

Maybe you’re a businessperson trying to figure out how to appeal to a younger demographic. Maybe you’re a teacher wondering how to connect more with students. Maybe you wish you could be more like those people you know who always seem to be enjoying life enthusiastically. Or maybe you woke up this morning and just felt, well…older.

trombone_bass.jpg In her blog Creating Passionate Users, Kathy Sierra poses the question: “Is there something you loved to do when you were younger but that you stopped doing? Did you stop doing it because you truly outgrew it… or because you got older?” [Read more…]

Childlike v. Businesslike

seifer_bagel.jpgWhat did YOU have for lunch two years ago today? Adam Seifer could answer that question. He’s the CEO of New York City-based Fotolog, a photo-blog web service. He has taken a picture of every meal he’s eaten during the past three years, and posted them for all to see. I found out about this from Inc. Magazine, which adds,

Most of Seifer’s favorite pictures were taken on major life-changing days, like a shot of a sandwich held above his newborn daughter’s incubator at the hospital — his first meal as a father.

[Read more…]

Perfect Example of Faith

FaithI once heard Billy Graham say that the biggest reason for atheism in the world is Christians. “They acknowledge Jesus with their lips,” he said, “and walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.”

It’s hard to be a Christian in today’s world. Not as hard as it was, say, maybe 1,900 years ago in Rome, but still, it can be quite a challenge. Also challenging is actually figuring out what a true Christian is supposed to look like. We’ve complicated things with our superfluous rules and nostalgic traditions, not too much unlike the Pharisees that Jesus battled long ago. Where shall we look for an unadulterated (a better use of this word there could never be) look at what a true Christian should be? [Read more…]

Truth or Dare

Maybe it was just me, but when I was little I always dreamed of staying up all night. I always wanted to have the freedom of being a grown-up. Staying up all night was a very concrete action I could do that would ‘show the world’ that I was in charge. Bed times were so annoying as a child. If I was allowed to stay up all night I would do tons of cool stuff…like…um…well where do I start, there are so many things…hmm…give me a minute. Exactly! I really had no clue what I would do all night, but it was still one of my life goals as a child. [Read more…]

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