29 Awesome Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Designs


Kim and Lucy and I recently visited an awesome local pumpkin patch. We enjoyed a hayride pulled by two strong horses and scouted for the perfect pumpkin. After spotting “the one,” I managed to pull it free from the vine, allowing myself to feel like the manly man I am normally not.

It’s been sitting by our front door and will soon undergo the knife in order to transform from humble pumpkin into awe-inspiring jack-o-lantern. The awe-inspiring part has been the challenge, as I’ve been thinking a lot about what direction the carving should take. I turned to the interwebs for some ideas and found some totally awesome works of art, including the piratey fellow above. They simultaneously inspire and intimidate me.

I figured I might as well share them here; they’ll probably do the same for you.


Ah, good old Mario. Reminds me of the best video game theme song of all time.


This one is crazy ridiculous. And scary. It fills me with the sudden urge to “run to the choppah!!!”


I love the personality of this one. I can’t decide if he’s happy or getting a colonoscopy.

I’m not sure what this means, but I have always been a sucker for cannibal jack-o-lanterns. These next few are some of the best…






Everything is always more fun with a few muppets thrown in…



A classic black cat…


…to go along with a famous white one.


The force is with these pumpkins…




This is your run-of-the-mill pumpkin posing as a hamburger. (Note the pumpkin seeds posing as sesame seeds, too!)


A few Disney and Pixar inspired gems…



The little boy in me is always fascinated by the puking pumpkins…


And the next few are just plain neat…






Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas will surely appreciate this Jack Skellington.


And finally, a pretty cool representation of one of the only truly Adultitis-free people I’ve ever seen, the incomparable Steve Irwin.


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  1. Jennie aka Pirate Queen says:

    Wow, those are all awesome, thanks for sharing! It sure is the week for pumpkins … I just got an email from my sister in China whose students have been finding pumpkins for her, and from my daughter in London, who was bemused by the teeny tiny pumpkin that the grocery store sent over for her.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Those pumpkin-eating-pumpkins would scare my 5 year old, but he would love, love, love the Star Wars. Wow. Wonder if they are hard to make?

    • I don’t know, Libby. We carved a pretty simple pumpkin last night, and I had my hands full. I think these Star Wars ones show a lot of skill! Maybe I’ll try something like that next year…

  3. I know you might think this is stupid but Martha Stewarts’ website has some awesome pumpkins. I especially like them ’cause many are of animals and use more than one pumpkins. Anything that gives me a reason to buy more than 1 pumpkin is a “good thing”(SORRY, I just couldn’t resist!)

    Hope you have a WICKED good Halloween!

  4. Brilliant!! I especially like the Mario one… :-)

  5. Darth Vader, Stitch and Jack Jack are also very cool. Actually, they all are. :-)

  6. Elaine says:

    Thanks for sharing! I was looking for the pumpkin eating pumpkin ideas!

  7. Thanks for including my pumpkin (third down in the cannibal jack-o-lantern section). Yep, that one is mine!

  8. Jesse Lopez says:

    Yes my pumpkin is in here. Second to last. the jack skellington

  9. Davinder Singh Kainth says:


  10. dakota says:

    hey if you saerch this up on gole images “scary pumkins” and these are quite cool!!!!!

  11. Awesomeness says:

    There was some simple stuff in there that even I can make!! Very cool!!!

  12. Any simple ones?

  13. Amazing but sadly no patterns for the Pumpkins. There are so alot of nice ones on the net but its horrible when very few have the curtsy to supply the patterns for others to enjoy Thanks


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