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The Power of Negative Blogging

sad_pumpkinOne of our first stops on our There’s An Adult In My Soup blog tour is at Craig Price’s “The Power of Negative Blogging.” He has a knack for looking at the glass half empty.

But in a positive sort of way.

While many self-help gurus espouse the power of positive thinking, they actually sell their students short if they stop there. One of my big criticisms of the smash hit The Secret is that it doesn’t really paint a complete picture. Positive thinking and the law of attraction are great tools, but they can only get you so far. Real life is not all sunshine and rainbows, and expecting it to be that way just because we wish it were is naive and unproductive.

Craig’s take — which I think is as common sensical as it is provocative — is that negativity is a part of life. We can choose to become victims of it or use it as a tool. Here’s an example: [Read more…]

Sending a Message to Soda and His Cronies

dancing_soda_popHas this ever happened to you? It’s a dark and stormy night and you’re home alone, nestled into the couch watching old movies. The wind is whipping tree branches against the windows, making an eerie scraping sound. You hear a creak that seems to be out of place, and against your better judgement, decide you’d better get up to investigate.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant, 72-ounce Cherry Coke busts down the door, holds you down, and forces every drip of its syrupy evil down your throat.

Fortunately, this hasn’t happened to me — yet — but I’m looking into a new home security system to protect my family from this sort of soft drink crime that is apparently growing in frequency around the country. [Read more…]

Adultitis Free Parenthood #3: Traveling with a Baby

We’re back with our series on parenting, designed to be as candid as it is low-budget, and providing you with fresh insights on living life with less stress and more fun, whether you are a parent or not. This episode share three important tips for staying sane (and safe) while traveling with a baby.

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A Message From Your Imaginary Friend

puff-and-jackieDid you have an imaginary friend when you were a kid? If so, have you ever wondered what he or she is up to these days?

Do imaginary friends age right along with you? Do they grow up and get imaginary jobs and have an imaginary family while living in an imaginary home paid for with imaginary money? (Which, by the way, is the kind of money real politicians like to spend.) Or are they sent to some kind of solitary confinement camp just for imaginary friends who have been neglected?

I don’t recall having an imaginary friend per se, but I did inhabit a lot of imaginary worlds as various individuals, superheroic and otherwise. And I still cry any time I hear Peter, Paul, and Mary sing Puff the Magic Dragon.

In a recent interview Kim and I did with our friend Thom Singer for his Some Assembly Required podcast (listen to it right here – it turned out awesome!), Thom mentioned his own imaginary friend from childhood, aka Chuckie. [Read more…]

Anticipating The City of Blinding Lights

bono_looking_forSometimes I miss the anticipation of Christmas Eve. Trying to will myself to sleep as my mind raced imagining what Santa might leave under the tree seemed a lot like torture at the time.

Looking back, I see that it was probably the best part.

I was fortunate to experience some of that childlike anticipation recently when Kim and I went to see U2 kick off their North American tour at Soldier Field in Chicago. Bono and the boys are probably our favorite band, and seeing them perform live was on the ol’ Bucket List. As we sat in the stadium ogling over the monstrous stage assembled for the tour, I noticed and reveled in the anticipation that was in the air. As the stadium filled with buzzing fans, we made our guesses about the opening song and shared our wish list of tunes we hoped the band would play. We couldn’t wait for the lights to go down and see U2 step onto the stage. It Christmas morning all over again.

And Santa came with a bag full of gifts. [Read more…]

Top 10 Old School Autumn Activities – EA Show #42

With doom and gloom hogging the headlines, perhaps you’re longing for simpler times, when things didn’t seem to be so crazy. As the summer fades into fall, now is the perfect time to get back to basics and create some lasting memories with the people you love. We’ve put together a list of 10 “old school” autumn activities that are not only cheap, but will bring you back to childhood.

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Defenders of the Playful

defenderKim and I were recently bestowed with the honor of being named Defenders of the Playful. It’s sort of like being knighted by the queen but it’s much less stuffy. Not just anyone can get it, and we feel privileged to receive the award from Bernie DeKoven, aka Major Fun. Bernie describes it as a recognition given to people who have created something valuable, and meaningfully fun, have demonstrated a passion for playfulness, and have somehow been able to make it available to a wide range of audiences.

Here’s what he had to say about our newest book, There’s An Adult In My Soup: [Read more…]

Adultitis Relief Brief: Breakout

This episode is geared toward those of you who think you’re not very creative. To that we say, “Au contraire!” Watch this episode for an idea you can try tomorrow that will spark a creative side you didn’t know you had. Enjoy!

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The Right Way to Tackle Life, Brought To You By a Nine-Month-Old

lucy_by_chairLucy is mobile. She rolls, scoots, crawls, and pulls herself up on things. I’m considering taping my eyelids open because I know that if I blink, she’ll suddenly be walking, running, and asking for the car keys.

I’m certain the little jet setter has cried more times in the last four weeks than she did in her first seven months of life — and 95% of it is all her own doing. (I’ll chalk the remaining 5% up to her footie pajamas that make the kitchen floors more slippery and treacherous.) Curiosity is what drives her. She’s always looking around, exploring, and discovering new things. In her quest to inspect every square millimeter of our home, she regularly bonks her head or falls down. There’s almost a rhythm to it: first you hear a thud, a short beat of silence, and then the high-pitched screams of death that last about three-and-a-half minutes. [Read more…]

A Fun Way to Add 8 Years to Your Life – EA Show #41

eashow_0411How old are you? No, really? You might be older than your years. In this episode, we share a fun way to feel younger and add 8 years to your life, and suggest a prescription that will lower the Adultitis levels of you AND a friend.

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Reserve Your Spot in the Adult In Your Soup Blog Tour!

Soup-Painting-SquareSometimes authors do expensive, multi-city tours to promote their book. We won’t be doing that this time around because our private jet is in the shop. Some jerk keyed it and we need a whole new paint job.

[Although in some respects, our speaking gigs serve that purpose. By the way, if you live near Green Bay, WI, Minneapolis, MN, Rochester, NY, or anywhere in New Jersey, we’re gonna be in your neck of the woods in the next month or so. Contact us to get details if you’re interested in attending one of our live programs.]

But I digress. [Read more…]

7 Ways Fantasy Football Can Make You a Better Dad

100605_footballSummer is winding down, the kids are back in school, and the long, bleak, football hiatus is almost over. If you’re a fantasy football nut, you already know that this is one of the most exciting times of the year. You know the thrill of channeling your inner Jerry Jones in order to take your shot at building a team for the ages, proving once and for all that should you be offered the opportunity, you’d have what it takes to be among the NFL’s top brass.

What you may not have known, however, is that fantasy football can make you a better Dad.

Even though the WAFS (Women Against Fantasy Sports) are bound to be up in my grill no matter what I say, I’d like to throw out the disclaimer that like pizza and beer, a good thing like fantasy football has the ability to wreak real havoc if consumed in extremes. Taking out a second mortgage to finance the 73 leagues you’re in, or being so focused on a game that you neglect to notice your kids lighting your sofa on fire, or accidentally calling your wife Suzy are not good, and will do nothing to help your chances at Dad of the Year.

But in moderation, your fantasy football fix can certainly enhance your fathering. Here’s how: [Read more…]

Allow Chance to Change Your Life

photo by scott hudson

photo by scott hudson

Last week Kim and I enjoyed a much-needed date night. We went out to a nice Italian restaurant and wanted to see a movie. 500 Days of Summer and Funny Peoplewere at the top of our list, but we couldn’t decide which we’d rather see. I suggested that we flip a coin and let fate choose for us. So that’s what we did.

I kid you not, the first flip attempt resulted in the penny landing on edge in a sidewalk crack. We had neither a head nor a tail, but an…edge. It appeared that not even Chance could make up her mind. [Read more…]

How to Keep the Adult Out of Your Soup – EA Show #40 (LIVE)

To celebrate the release of our new book, There’s An Adult In My Soup, we decided it would be fun to do a live show. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we ended up having a lot of people tune in and participate in the show. It was great fun! Among other things, we talked about laughing, Wolverine, Outback Steakhouse, dugongs, and how you can keep the adult out of your soup. You can watch the entire episode in its entirety below.

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Were you part of history? Were you there for our first live show? What did you think? We wanna hear what your favorite parts were and what things we can do to make a show like this even better. Should we do this again? Leave a comment below or send your thought to

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Pick up your very own copy of “There’s An Adult In My Soup,” filled with short bursts of inspiration, witty and wise life balance advice, and over 50 fun illustrations.

Would Anyone Want Your Autograph?

books_to_signI remember practicing my autograph when I was in the seventh grade. I filled up the margins of notebooks (most of them math, I’d guess) with my official John Hancock. It looked nothing like how Mrs. Smith expected me to sign my book reports: straight with neat loops and perfectly spaced letters. I had determined early on that if it was legible, it wasn’t a real autograph.

I must admit that I did wonder why professional athletes couldn’t do a better job of writing their name. Some of them just wrote their first and last initials followed by nothing more than lines. It seemed rather lazy.

Try as I might, I could never quite match the cool confidence of Michael Jordan’s signature, which was printed on the poster hanging on my bedroom door. No, mine always looked more like the signature of a kid who forgot to sign his book report and scribbled it on as he handed it to the teacher. [Read more…]

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